Me too, me too gurrrrl!

So this completely passed me by when it came out and this has been shown to me like 2 weeks ago. I love it. It’s up there on the olymp of signify songs like Oh My Dayum and the Charlie Sheen Song. So silly! So good.

Big Fan of Your Mom’s House Podcast and they just had the funniest guest on – Jessica Kirson – never heard of her before but she jives so well with the crew. Amazing!

In Code Camp News we started coding some websites with HTML and CSS – which is great fun. Back in the day so in the early 2000s I member’ed the time in school I built my first website. With Dreamweaver (here some German tutorials with the versions around the early 2000s) and a ton of gifs all around the page and animations that where not too far off the Geocities and Ebaumsworld back in the day. So basically this: Cameron’s World but by a 16 year old who is really into Metal, Diablo and Flames. I even hosted it on the then popular and free that somehow in 2015 I think completely disappeared and all pages disappeared or re-appeared with random texts, images, other languages, snippets and viruses and/or malware and any imaginable mix of this. We even hosted our band-website on one of these addresses but that one is also gone…

Anyhoozle, there is bamboozling stuff you can do when it all comes together, as it slowly does. This stuff (it’s called EventListeners) is kind of magical. So yeah, I am thinking of going into some sort of hybrid role of what I did so far in my professional live meaning sales/marketing/PR and combine that with the refreshed and expanded IT library/vocabulary to jump into something that I really like and stand behind. Love what companies like ChariTea and Spreadshirt are doing but honestly anything really that I personally would find useful or get behind/would buy/identify with…

It’s about time to update all my stuff: meaning CV, LinkedIn, pictures and whatnot and really network again to find something I will be doing from end of December onwards or the new year respectively.

Times are great and Leipzig is still amazing. Hit me up if you love cats too and/or have some use for me and my skills in a company here. Much love! Peace out!

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