It’s been a while dear readers. This time nothing political. Still, a daily reminder to fight racism and the rise of right-wing parties and thinkers in any way shape or form you can and feel comfortable with. My tone towards sympathizers and the ones that trivialize these acts have changed and I just straight up tell them what I think without sugar-coating. I have nothing but disgust and harsh words for the fascists and sympathizers. Here is a brilliant German article on what happened in Halle and that this nutcase was and isn’t alone. It’s time to wake up for everyone and I have no respect for you whatsoever if you sympathize with ideas this person stands and stod for.

So what has changed! A ton to be honest.

I have moved away from the area I grew up in. I do believe a city and what a city can offer suits me and my lifestyle better. I am now in Leipzig aka the little Berlin aka the coolest city in Saxony.

I have left my job in sales for nonwovens to learn additional skills. Tech skills that hibernated for a long time and things that start to click again now in week four of Code Camp Leipzig. I am one of 13 lucky, talented and amazingly diverse people from all walks of life and different nationalities that learn to code and become a software developer.

I got married in August and my wife is joining me here in Leipzig this Sunday.

I ride my bicycle a lot more and I joined a gym again. I stopped smoking again and reduced vaping to time at home and while out drinking. In short: I am on a healthy path.

It’s been a while since writing a lot and I have to get into the habit again, so excuse this short post. There will be more to come.

So what is to come?

Definitely some run-downs and things I learn in code camp, things I do, things I love about Leipzig and generally things that I find interesting and hopefully you too.

The site is now https and I updated a loti of things in the back.

Here is a song that became a meme back in the day and completely passed me by. Super solid track with heartbreak lyrics fit for a 17 year old and his mates but otherwise this is a banger:

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