Updates and Upgrades

Haven’t posted here in a while and to be honest, I might not do so in the future. It’s not that I don’t find time for it, but recently I found it more effective to talk to friends about politics, because that is something that moves me strongly at this point in time and I don’t really want to blog about that.

With the rise of a right wing political party and our area being constantly in the news (and if you ask me: rightfully so) there is a lot of things to talk about and to worry as opinions even in closest circles are somewhat worrying to me. On that topic I can highly recommend the documentary ‘Der NSU-Komplex‘ and the documentary-series ‘Mitten in Deutschland: NSU‘ with the latter painting a picture that is scarily familiar to someone growing up in the 90s in West-Saxony. On a more positive note, there is also a GDR-style restaurant that I really want to visit. Check this out.

Here are some reviews and tips on what I have watched and done and upgraded my life!

My garden, after my compost burned down in the summer heat one night, is now back to looking great and some upgrades have been set into motion together with my buddy. So kids, if you have a compost heap and it’s super duper hot and dry outside and if you put fresh cut grass and garden leftovers into that – water that shit. Yes, water the compost. There is bacteria in there that works and heats up and, like with me, this can self-ignite like straw that is laid out to dry.

My knee is back to probably 95% and it’s just a tiny bit of bending left to do the classic slav squat. Speaking of Russians, haha, gotta brush up on my language skills, but I am super into ‘Stop a Douchebag‘ – here is my favourite episode – these guys (there is also girls) are basically vigilantes with balls of steel. They stop cars driving onto or on sidewalks and if the ‘douchebag’ doesn’t run around when they are super friendly (for real) reminded that they are doing something unlawful they get a massive sticker on the windshield that says something to the likes of ‘I don’t give a shit about others and drive where I want’. It’s fascinating and these guys are very likeable. I have also learned through one episode what ‘put the camera away’ means in Russian. Great fun!

I am not doing much sports and felt a bit tired coming home from work and I had to find a solution for that given time constraints as well as taking into account that I could hurt my knee again if I overdo it. So what did I do? I do yoga for 10 to 15 minutes every day after work and it’s pretty much like a strong healthy coffee (as coffee or caffeine doesn’t have a huge effect on me, apart from me liking it) and it makes me stay energised until I go to bed. Super great stuff!

Haven’t touched cigarettes much and rather vape in the morning at lunch and at night or when I drink which is okay too and cinnamon and apple pie flavour as well as cookie flavours are fun when it gets colder.

I have also completely finished ‘The Witcher 3‘ with all DLC and it was a fantastic ride and oh such a great game, definitely one of the best after the year 2000. Honestly the fairytale world (that as far as I know is completely missable if you chose a different path is one of my highlights and it’S absolutely fascinating how your choices affect the world and game. I got the most ‘happy’ ending and was super satisfied with that. Try it out!

I finished ‘Nier:Automata‘ and it’s a close contender to the above mentioned Witcher. It definitely has better music and more psychological depth and the combat is more fun. I’d still have a hard time favour one over the other.

Currently I enjoy the slow paced ‘Darksiders II‘ with a superb comic-metal aesthetic and an old school Zelda-like gameplay.

Now to Netflix: ‘Daredevil‘ Season 3 has been the best comic book show. Period. Superb fight-scenes that big screen movies could learn from and a tight story with the return of Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin and his best role imho. as well as the scary Bullseye played by the almost Captain America Wilson Bethel. This is the perfect transition to praise Charlie Cox in the Daredevil role: he is hands down the most likeable character in the show and he melts into the character with this high moral standard and eternal turmoil that only Chris Evans can compete with in the Marvel universe. Two goody-two-shoes characters where the actors just portray their stance to perfection and a way that is utterly fascinating. Cox’s American accent is also something to fall in love with and all his little demeanours, the slight tilt of his head when listening in, the utter avoidance of eye contact and believable portrayal of the character being blind and his physicality. I do love the upgrade (or downgrade) to the black costume with the Muay Thai wraps as well and the stunt work in general. I may not agree with the choices the characters Daredevil and Captain America make, but I find them believable and understandable and the big hearts of gold of both characters shine with the portrayal of both their actors. Please watch this!

‘Big Mouth‘ is great fun to escape the world a bit and I cried and laughed watching ‘Queer Eye‘ and learned a lot and I fevered with every character in ‘Better Call Saul‘ which adds Bob Odenkirk to the people I love seeing on a screen and I would love to meet. With Better Call Saul I could watch the characters go about their lives forever and cherish every second. It’s a masterpiece of storytelling and film-technique.

Other than that I have been to Bavaria, spent a Witcheresque weekend in my hood, last weekend some bonding garden work, a foosball tournament, thousands of kilometres in the car for work and some great books.

I leave you with James Rolfe that liked the ‘Predator: Upgrade‘ (that is the German title) maybe a bit less than me. I saw that one in the cinema, made a new friend and can’t remember laughing that much in the cinema for a while and being thoroughly entertained. I find James’ choice of words just fantastic and am a big fan of him since ages, so enjoy: