…says the poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger right above our bed here in Shanghai.

CONQUER: successfully overcome (a problem or weakness).

It’s just one word and unlike many German words doesn’t explain in length of the word or through diving down into the heritage of the word or composition of different parts to what that entails. I love that poster. It’s Arnold in it’s prime, arms stretched out, a smile on his face, slightly blurry masses of people in the back and big bold letters spelling conquer.

Successfully overcoming a weakness or a problem is vital to our lives, to survival, to grow as a person. There is a power in that word and that can transcend and did unfortunately so in a militant way throughout human history, but that shall not be what this article is about.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is incredibly smart, reached a physiology that few could ever achieve (yes, there was steroids involved, I am aware) and even before and after his Mr. Olympia titles this man has achieved and conquered like few others.

I am not one for idols but apart from Jackie Chan (the man that brought me to China), Arnold might still be or is one of my role models in more than one way.

To grow as a person and to develop further one needs a fire burning inside and that means more often than not to overcome your own weaknesses and solve problems. To be uncomfortable from time to time and stretch that comfort zone little by little. It means to stand on your own two feet, to stand up for yourself and others, as tall as you are and with all the pride and power within you to move forward.

Reading Jordan Peterson’s. book and listening to the podcast I will end this article with, the Jordan Peterson ‘Clean Your Room’ movement came to my mind again and Arnold also says he concentrates on one thing at a time and move forward.

Sometimes it is the small things you can tackle, you can overcome and conquer (it doesn’t have to be big, the definition doesn’t say conquer is overcoming a big problem or weakness after all). I really love my freedom and doing things my way or even just having the option to do so (because it doesn’t mean I want to have things my way but having the option is great). At the moment I am proud to have conquered my alcohol intake with having a whole month off of all sorts of alcohol and to have conquered and reset my food intake as well. At the moment I am eating in a roughly 7 hour window 6 days of the week and eat once or maybe twice (I do have caloric drinks in that time too, like Golden Milk, Walnut Powder Drink and Tea or Coffee with Coconut Oil). It’s fascinating to learn on how little food one can function and feel just as great.

What I want to say is, you have to conquer, yourself, your fears and take charge of your life or others will do that for you,

Here is Arnold in a fantastic interview with Tim Ferris on a lot of interesting topics. You might be surprised how great of a person he is:

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