I’m really into cooking shows. I mean who isn’t? It’s food, it’s fuel and you can learn something most of the time.

Gordon Ramsay’s shows are the crown jewel to me, because I find him so likeable and authentic though the American versions/shows fall a bit short due to the dumb dumb production (I’m referring to the overly dramatic music, the recaps, oh my god, don’t get me started on the recaps in American shows: this is what happened so far, less than 1 minute ago this person didn’t finish the sentence or the winner/loser was not announced yet, so let’s repeat until the last person with a one digit IQ gets it, it’s revolting). For Hotel Hell I saw a youtube upload that cut the horrid intro, all the recaps and repetition and it made the show 10 minutes shorter and about 10 times more watchable. Master Chef is great especially with the sneaker and suit Italian and the kid’s version as it shows how great Gordon is with kids and you learn more due to the positive critique of the children.

I really enjoy Chef’s Table especially the episode with Francis Mallmann. The way this series is shot and the stories are told is extraordinary and Francis to me stands out as the most interesting Chef so far (in episode 3 if you want to know) in the way he cooks and his philosophy. So great!

There is also Hot Ones that I enjoy as it is a unique concept of a podcast mixed with interesting people and spicy wings. Good stuff.

The Food Ranger also is something me and my girlfriend enjoy for the laughs. He comes of almost as a caricature but the production value and the places he goes too, as well as the food seem to be top notch. I’ms sure he has the heart in the right place but his vocabulary and persona make me crack up.

This mental world class bodybuilder also has great cooking advise and knows a thing or two #sarcasm.

But my new favourite is Something’s Burning:

Watch it! It’s hilarious. Bert ‘The Machine‘ Kreischer is super funny, of course with the story in his name and even more so with the bit he does here.

There is two episodes so far and hopefully this show goes on for as long as Gordon Ramsey has produced shows. Brilliant!

I’m off. Cooking.


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