Being As An Ocean – Dissolve

My Sundays are ‘holy’ again, meaning I use this as a day to really calm down, relax and do things I really enjoy doing. It’s also the day where I allow myself to cheat food-wise and the thing is, this time, I just had one proper meal (let’s call it one and a half) a big ass Avocado Chicken Sandwich and a sauce covered Potato Salad. Now I am not hungry to have dinner and just have a Golden Milk (Epicurious is also a a must have app I find and just so you know I made mine with Almond Milk because I had the powder at hand) instead. Visiting a mine in Germany in my hood I got reminded that back in the day people had a Sunday Roast, it was usually the only day people had meat on their table and physically working part of the family had the biggest chunk of that. With my sedentary lifestyle at the moment, I feel not entitled to a whole day of expensive, calorie-rich food, so hence all that, but I don’t know if that is interesting for you all.

Now to the song and band: Being As An Ocean (I don’t have Spotify or know how it works but you can follow them there) is a Californian Post-Hardcore outfit with a Christian background. They have three fantastic albums out and are clearly influenced by some of my favourite bands, namely: Comeback Kid, Listener, Sigur Ros, Underoath just to name a few.

Dissolve is a touching song, like most songs they put out. There is also a acoustic version of the song, that shows the prowess of the band, especially the voice of Joel, however, I believe the original version has a harder hitting chorus and you need the contrast of the screaming to the buttery smooth chorus. I am not even joking this song alone makes me want to get a tattoo of a heart on my sleeve…

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