This was seriously stressful, but here I am, back again!

I haven’t posted in ages, as you might have noticed. For reasons. The main reason was that in October 2017 I have made a big decision. The decision to return to Germany and leave China for good.

It wasn’t easy, I have had a huge love for this place and enjoyed the majority of my time here, however it became more and more clear that the next step waits and I want to move my life forward. So this decision was made.

Also after roughly 6 months I have had my ACL replaced in early January and am currently recovering and trying to get mobility and stability and muscles in my leg back. So this leaves some time for blogging, thinking, getting healthier, implementing new routines and getting ready for the big move.

A good 10 years ago (almost exactly plus 2 months) I had started a blog, I wrote to pass the time, to learn things about the internet and to have a break from binge-watching House M.D.

I have had a save file from 2011 as a *.sql file that I tried over the years of restarting this blog to implement to no avail. So yesterday I gathered all the willpower and courage to give this a last and final try and maybe risk to lose the old articles forever, because I couldn’t seem to figure it out. So after a late night and chats with my web host (Dreamhost) and 6 to 7 deleted mySQL databases and even more installs and deletions of WordPress on this site, I have managed to bring all the old posts back!

I feel like a badass! Some images are missing, some links are definitely outdated but this now is a consolidation of my old blog and the new and a new start. A lot of material to pick from and to improve on and I will not let you or myself down with it after all this work.

The two paragraphs above probably don’t make much sense to a lot of people but it was stressful and now everything seems to fall into place again.

So let’s get back to some other stuff. I have not written a lot during my extended break, which I am a bit sad about, but I will try to blog more or less daily in February to give this blog a boost that is much needed for the blog and myself and maybe you enjoy it too.

Let’s leave you here with an song from a band that remained constantly awesome for all these years:

36 Crazyfists – Also Am I

If you were looking for someone to save you, also am I
If you were looking for something to believe, also am I
If you were looking for someone to save you, also am I
Don’t go quietly

I won’t go quietly not with a bigger blog and a great year to come.

4 thoughts on “Holy Guacamole and Hello World 2018

  1. I’m gonna miss you Bjorn! You’re a good man that’s always doing good things.

    Looking forward to having a beer walk or two with you in Germany!

  2. Kumm ruhig zurück – bei den Garagen gibts von Schniez, Örp und mir auf die Esse.

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