Atreyu – Blow

Man, what a band! Hailing from Orange County in the U.S. they bring back memories of sensational times. Of times where I went to a small hardcore club not far from my village super close to the Czech border where Barcode, Born From Pain, Ignite and many more played including our cool band Intoxica (hoping to get some pictures and more on that, but we were basically covering Slipknot, Korn and other similar bands and later made our own songs).

Brings back memories and one can say there first album was very ’emo’, being a teenager then the song ‘Ain’t Love Grand‘ even prompted me to write a piece that I handed in for a school project. I was happy, I was sad, I was a rebel and also super conform and nice guy. I was a good student and my long tinted black dreadlocks, my trench coat, white camo pants could have invoked a possibility of becoming a school shooter (which thankfully doesn’t happen for mainly logical reasons in Germany) but my smiley face/nature, friendliness and good marks in school said something different. I was a strange person. It was a great time. It was 15 years ago.

Atreyu was there and took me through all these emotions. From a dark weirdly romantic first album ‘Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses‘ to what later became known as Metalcore, leg swinging Punk or straight up Rock. The above song is just perfectly energetic, bro-like and starts with a cow-bell and has enough of that in it. It’s positive, it pumps me up and makes me smile and think of carefree times.

From the name alone they also remind me of the VHS I got together with Batman and Batman Returns of the movie version of The Neverending Story by Michael Ende (I believe it was the second movie though, with the really good child actor with mesmerising eyes that sadly took his life). I believe I rewinded and replayed the end credits songs (from the first movie as I couldn’t find or remember the song I was addicted to) so many times that the VHS started to act weird…

With recent musician suicides we all know, it is good to sometimes look at the bright side and have a little fun. Not saying that dark and depressing music doesn’t have a place – it absolutely has. I rock out like this like it’s the 80’s and just get pumped up. Even after a day that was exhausting and were I felt tired. There is some super cool local music in China, but the mainstream likes super depressing, super boring love songs and these fill up the computers in every KTV. I wish there was some Atreyu…

Anyhoozle to divert from this. Since this song makes me think of my youth in all the best ways, there was a movie I saw yesterday that brought up similar joy: Spider-Man: Homecoming

I liked this movie as much as Wonder Woman if I can compare the two. The movie reminded me of the good times I had watching the truly marvellous Spider-Man: The Animated Series and even earlier the show I loved the most next to X-Men when sleeping over at my grandma’s Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. It’s basically an extended episode of the animated series coming to life mixed with the modern Marvel universe.

From the beginning that remixes the original Spider-Man theme unmistakably to the intro scene that captures exactly the feeling of opening a comic book, getting a quick introduction to the universe and what happened so far to straight up jumping into an adventure for the main character named and drawn out on the cover. What a fuzzy feeling and that was really well done.

It’s a young and fun movie and the lightest Spidey movie so far. If I would have to rate the movies I’d say this one is in the top 3 and it’s kind of hard to decide if I place it on number 2 or 3 while number 1 is Spider-Man 2 and the other two Homecoming and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (I know that this is super controversial, but I really, really enjoyed this one, it has legit problems but that movie is nowhere near as bad as people want you to believe, it is actually outstanding in parts).

The very best thing about the new movie is, what my better half pointed out, is that even though being a Disney owned production and a lot of superhero movies forcing a morale onto you like old He-Man cartoons, this one is surprisingly free from it, even when it comes to rising up against bullies. Super smart! Super good!

The bad is, that the CGI in places feels off, lanky, with no weight or too sped up o you can’t follow. Also was that MJ? Not that I dislike the actress or character portrayed, I actually really liked that, but want this to be a unique character. Also please let this guy not be Flash Thompson or ever become a version of Venom, not that I dislike the character or the actor, this was great, but this should never ever become a version of the comic book equivalent anti-hero and undoubtedly it was a great choice to have this actor portray a modern take of a bully.

Now completely engulfed in nostalgia I have to divert one more time before I call it a day and mention this amazing video about the music of the new Doom game. I loved Doom and Quake 3 (never played the 2 that came before that) and the music and everything and thinking about this games makes me think back (as the same dread locked weird Burnilein) to a LAN party organised by my Russian friend to spend 48 hours with no sleep, loads of caffeinated drinks, beer, lugged around heavy big computers and monitors and Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 (I sucked at the former, was pretty good at the latter). Good times too.

The video is exciting and super interesting in many ways. I think musicians will get the most out of it, but even me with an interest in music and the ability to scream and a heart for games this was amazing. My better half found it interesting too. Mick Gordon is a genius when it comes to music and he is well spoken. Give that video a shot, assume it is you favourite podcast on a topic you are mildly interested in and enjoy enormously.

Have a fantastic week and stay positive my friends!


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