Make Them Suffer – Let Me In

I actually had to look through my post history to check if I haven’t posted this one and was surprised to find, that I haven’t. Make Them Suffer is an Australian Deathcore outfit from Perth. Lot’s of good music coming from down under.

These guys blew me away with the first song I heard from Neverbloom in 2012. Beautiful poetic lyrics meet this wall of sound with sweet keyboard melodies and great moments as well as breakdowns not too different from the French Betraying The Martyrs. They are heavy, they are classically influenced and deep. What’s not to like? There is so much going on in their music that you have to listen to the songs multiple times to appreciate them fully. Their first album is raw, brutal and energetic – frantic really. Their second full length goes into a more melodic direction and above song is probably the best example for that.

Let Me In has this drive and beautiful hook that makes me grin every single time it comes on on shuffle when I am riding the bike and most of the time I repeat the song then until I finish my ride. It’s intense and the melodic part with the keyboarder singing is nothing short of amazing. I find they are a very aesthetically pleasing band with beautiful songs and smart videos.

With their third album they changed and evolved even further, listen to the song Ether and you hear a super modern, polished and progressive sound that leans a bit on Northlane (fellow Australians).

Again not a band that is very accessible on the first listen, but try to develop your understanding of this style of music and you might notice that Mozart would probably listen to this or make similar music!

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