Low – Especially Me

LOW is a indie rock band hailing from Minnesota, some call them a Mormon band – 2 members are practicing mormons. They are currently touring with the fantastic Mono, that I love to listen to on long flights. They have a great range of music that is somehow soothing and slightly unsettling at the same time and I love the post rock influence they have going on. Other Low songs give me a bit of a less disturbing Portishead vibe, which will forever have place in my heart with this album.

I am not going to pretend that I knew this band for a long time – I certainly did not. The above song is featured as the closing song (season 05 episode 08) of my favourite guilty pleasure and binge watch show: Orange Is The New Black, which according to Screenrant is a weaker season, which I disagree with and this is the song that made me look the band up right away, that doesn’t happen much since House M.D. ended with basically every second song featured becoming a favourite of mine. I really miss that show and the choice of music. Not a lot of shows pick the songs so fitting and so touching, most of the time it was the music that let my tears flow. However the debated opening song of OITNB can go away, I can only not skip it for the first episode of each season.

Have fun enjoying a song where the untrained ear can understand all the lyrics on the first listen. Bonus song for an insanely good live performance and for never getting old after many, many years:


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