Oceans Ate Alaska – Escapist

This week we are going a tad softer than last week. Polyrhythms and blast-beats do make a return but we have something fresh sprinkled in and some clean singing. Oceans Ate Alaska are a metal core outfit from Birmingham in the UK. Lots of fresh and awesome hard music coming from the UK these days.

For some reason these guys remind me of Arsonists Get All The Girls mixed with Born Of Osiris during The New Reign and the similarities will be most obvious if you listen to Abstract Art.

So I can’t say too much about this band as I haven|t heard a lot of songs nor a full album yet, but if this song is any indication of their talent and style then I can tell you that I am going to eat that up like Nachos with Cheese Dip and I love that, as it is my favourite junk food.

Again this is way more palatable than last weeks Deathcore, so even with sensitive ears give this one a shot and enjoy one of the best outros of a song I have heard in a while. The video is interesting and artistic enough too.


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