Thy Art Is Murder – They Will Know Another

So here we go with something heavy. This is what I would call the Extreme Metal Version of We Are The World. Hear me out on this. To me this spreads a similar message. We gotta do something together and stop this and while certainly all these stars back in 1985 including Bruce Springsteen (with my favourite part in the song) pleasure your ears with a message of peace, some people could need the state of the world screamed at them paired with not so easy digestible pictures to move a bit.

The band I discovered in 2012 with their masterpiece ‘Hate‘ that the Australian’s threw out into the world and gave Deathcore a fresh heaviness and more Deathmetal while not forgetting the message Hardcore bands used to carry for the most part. That goes more for the albums and the EP this song is from and that followed ‘Hate’.

See if you like it, it is certainly extreme in every way possible, but it is also a beautiful song with great technicality and musicianship and again a message worth lending an ear to. Maybe it will blast a way through said ears and open your eyes a bit more to the horrors of the world. Sometimes there is need for that.


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