Part of the plan that I made is to keep the Ohrwurms going and then write something from the heart mid-week’ish. What better way to start than to talk about something from the heart about hearts. A special kind of heart, a heart that is weak, a heart that rubs me the wrong way, because it’s cold – the glass heart.

I have written before that recently there is not really much that makes me angry or riles me up in a way to write a blog post about or constantly bothers me. There is something. Something that seems to have developed and grown over the last few years or so, it seems to me.

It’s the thin skin that a lot of people are walking around in. It’s the constant state of victimization that some people find themselves in. It’s the brittle glass heart that unfortunately doesn’t really pound, as this would show strength and life, no, it just makes a screeching sound whenever some resistance in life shows.

What I am trying to say is, that people seem too easily hurt, outraged and for the lack of a better phrase: are just weak.

I am not going to make this about China or me, just the state of the world that I am watching from my little window of existence. As I am typing this, on this H3H3 podcast they mention that SJWs (that is something that came into existence) find it ‘unethical’ to promote breastfeeding as it discriminates against woman that do not breastfeed. This is exactly what I am talking about!

This whole feeling that the world seems to be out to get you and the hubris that these people think the world revolves around them is absolutely baffling to me. The world doesn’t revolve around me or you. We are insignificant to the matters of the world for the most part. Try to be an example of how you would want to be treated and live by example. Somehow the outrage seems to be exemplified and somehow multiplies and changes the world recently. For the worse!

Currently I really dig the latest Body Count record, Body Count, a band that became ‘famous’ (in the mainstream) for the outrage over their song Cop Killer. In hindsight, even without having heard the song this sounds like a terrible message and without context it 100% is, but it is first and foremost just a song. You know who understood that? The kids at hardcore/metal/crossover concerts back then. In context it is about the completely unjust and horrible killing of a black kid where the prosecutors (they happen to have been cops) got away with it. But don’t listen to me giving my opinion on it, listen to the man that came up with the song.

Context matters. But it’s lost to glass hearted people. It’s sad to me and I am not even surprised anymore. Living in an international city sometimes this might seem a bit amplified, even though one would think, given the many nationalities and cultures represented would allow for a bit more acceptance and tolerance, that this is not the case. Context flies out their window. Sometimes it feels to me that the glass hearts forget they live in a different country.

I am forever grateful and proud that I grew up with very liberal friends, with a scene (talking about Punk, Metal and Hardcore here) that is insanely tolerant, open and friendly (for the most part) and that I made it mantra of mine and got it tattooed under my (thickish) skin that reminds me to be the change I wish to see in the world. And maybe just maybe, listening to music where a style of singing is pretty much shouting, made me more accepting for someone getting loud, let’s say in an argument or in a sports game, but again, the context matters, maybe they and I get loud because it is about the game or for the arguments sake and this is fine. Not personal, I don’t think of you less and neither should you. I wear my heart on my sleeve and it doesn’t take a genius to understand when people do that. It never did, it takes some common sense, context and the knowledge that you and me are not the center of the world.

Sometimes it takes a beating heart, some strength and doing the right thing in leading by example. Less whining. Get rid of the glass hearts – you are human. People went through way tougher times than you or me or us (if you are not living in a war torn country, of course – but somehow I feel the need to mention that. Let’s stay and get strong/er instead of devolving into overly sensitive glass hearts.


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