With the recent plans I made, I am bringing something back. The weekly Ohrwurm (literally ear worm meaning a song that is stuck in your head). So I am trying to do this every Monday and this might give you an idea of what kind of music I am into and maybe there is an interesting video there or you discover your new favourite song and/or band.

I am going to write a couple of thins and something like a short review of the band and what I think about them coupled with some facts. So here we go:

Fire From The Gods – The Voiceless

I have discovered this band roughly a year ago. The band is a rap metal/crossover formation from Texas. They evoke the spirit of Twelve Tribes (that I saw live) and a bit the Mike Terry Bury Your Dead times.

Not going to joke, when I discovered the above video, I replayed the song 10 times and I got super emotional. The warmth in AJ Channer’s voice is really something different and in times where singing parts can get annoying and/or are over produced there comes this dude with power, soul in the singing parts and no doubt he can pull that off live too. The lyrics are system critical and to the point. If you do like The Voiceless, check out the slightly different End Transmission with an equally amazing refrain, but the video has a bit of an odd, slow start and reminds me of some late Born of Osiris videos (with a far greater video opening though).

So If you, like me miss some of the fantastic singing that Howard Jones (don’t get me wrong, I love Jesse Leach just as much) showed with Killswitch Engage, here is his equal and a band that I am sure will come out with a lot of great stuff.

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