Catching up!

So with the sudden change from winter to summer, over the course of what seemed like a week, here is a longer recap of what is going on and burning hot!

I have made the jump into the latest console gaming generation and got an Xbox One and boy, oh boy, is it a blast. Playstation is not my thing anymore because after having a glorious Playstation 2, I jumped onto the Xbox 360 train and never really looked back. The controllers seem to be bigger and I always liked the menu and the idea of having that one machine as an entertainment system, which it now is. Even got this sound bar to amp up the sound of the TV that came with the apartment. Apartments in China come furnished with the necessities but no Xbox One or cool furniture unless one puts a good amount of money down.

Typing this, I am rewatching a uncut version of Logan and it’s even better. So if that movie was an 8 out of 10 before, without cuts it’s a nine. The music is great too and memorable compared to other Marvel properties and yes, I know it’s a Fox movie, duh. Still no Winter Soldier, Batman Returns or Dark Knight but a fitting swan song for the character played passionately by Hugh Jackman. If you happen to have seen a cut version, please do rewatch it, as you and I have seen a far inferior version of this violent movie and the violence has to be there…

Obviously gaming swallows a good amount of time, but I got to say it was probably the most worthwile investment it recent years. So, so much fun, relaxation, brain tickles and action for a comparibly little amount of money.

Having said gaming system and greatly enjoying it, had me drop a couple of TV shows, that for one reason or another don’t give me an equal or greater amount of enjoyment than gaming. I might have superpowers, namely 1) Dogs usually love me, 2) I can look at people and they say will say ‘hi’ or nod and question how they know me and 3) I am really cool with myself and can find something positive in the the worst situation/person/circumstance, but I only have the same amount of time in a day that everyone else on this planet has. So bye bye:

Arrow – It’s been great, your second season was the best, I greatly admire the dedication of Armell that does most of it’s own stunts/action-scenes and the salmon ladder but it’s too meddled now and we are in soap teritory most of the time. Maybe I watch the episode or two when Deathstroke comes back…

The Flash – Your first season was amazing, touching and smart. Now the bad CGI (can’t really fault you all the time) and parallel characters and seemingly repeating storylines are getting old.

The Blacklist – I dropped you a while ago, but your only quality is Mr. Spader otherwise you are an average waste of time.

The Walking Dead – Haha, you are a joke by now, nothing, absolutely nothing happened since the first episode of the current season and no developments. The finale was disappointing and I was glad I saved 12 hours. Good riddance!

American Horror Story – This god-awful found-footage/confusing real crime story thing did not work for me at all and an upcoming election themed season doesn’t sound appealing to me in the slightest either.

Homeland – It has been great up until the season in Germany, that was a snoozefest and this season picks up right at the peak of snoozefest and has the best character go through PTSD and drug problems. No thanks!

Supergirl – You were never really made for me, but I have watched you and enjoyed the first season more than I thought I would.

Legends of Tomorrow – Had a blast the first season and enjoyed it while cleaning up, cooking and other chores, much like Supergirl but if I would feel bored (which probably never happens) I would watch an episode. You are a great stupid but smart show, that is super enjoyable but I have Gotham that already scratches that itch.

The Strain – Not much, to not like here, but I probably would use that time to play a horror and/or zombie/vampire game or read a book.

So what am I still watching?

Gotham – haha! Silly Gotham – you are great, please don’t change!

Better Call Saul – My god, this is such a leasurely paced and amazingly acted and scripted show. Can’t wait to watch it every week.

Silicon Valley – So good! Watch it, it’s smart and funny. Nothing more and nothing less.

Bates Motel – Biting my nails for the last couple of episodes. So well acted, so underrated.

Into The Badlands – Amazing fight scenes, cool world, brutal, good escapism. Acting could be better, but that is enough to like.

Fresh Off The Boat – Modern Family equivalent with amazing kids, a good chuckle factor and according to the missus often accurate in their abroad Taiwanese/Chinese dpection.

Modern Family – You are consistently good, heart warming and funny. Please stay that way and go on forever!

Fargo – Every season an example in world-building, depth and acting.

Leaving the shows with a long wait out, so obviously Game of Thrones, The Defenders and others are on the list to watch…

Around 90 hours in The Witcher 3 have to come from somewhere. It’s such a good game and I am more than happy to have paid full price for this masterpiece. The sound bar also brings out all the work they put in sound design – it’s a work of art in any way I can think of. Buy it, play it, be amazed and brain tickled!

Let me review a couple of games that I have played on the 360 before, not counting games I played on my old 360 in Germany, as this is ages ago and I don’t really remember:

Darksiders – Soooooo good! Possibly one of the best games in terms of art style – it is so up my ally, it’s unbeliavalbe. The game is basically a heavy metal version of Zelda and some superb controls and action from maybe Devil May Cry. The art style is incredible in the sense that it goes sooooo deep, even the collectibles you sell are in a flush, nicely game themed window you can access. Can’t praise this enough and picked it up again for free on games with gold and bought Darksiders 2 on a sale.

The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition – I have no idea what was enhanced about this, as in the beginning this game felt massive, but after leaving the first DVD I finished it an afternoon later, it was almost like the game was suddenly on rails with no way to stop and look around (but that might have just been me). Horrible menues and controls like in a truck simulator do not bring this game down by much – it was amazing but not as good as the sequel.

Skyrim – Woah! Sooooo good, endless fun, totally got sucked in. I was arrowing my way through caves and shouting at people and did never ride a horse. I probably pick the remastered edition back up and start anew. What a beast of a game and remembering Morrowing fondly this was such a good time. I did not finish it but roughly sank 80+ hours into the game.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 – That was a mixed bag. I loved the first one, but horrible stealth parts (can’t stretch that enough!) and odd pacing as well as insanely long loading times made this game fairly disappointing. Satan got ripped though compared to the first one. There are interesting ideas in there, like the first person sequence in the beginning and some great artwork and design, but one can tell that there was interference with a great team that lead to a mediocre sequel.

Fallout: New Vegas – I bought instalment number three for my Xbox 360 in Germany and stopped somewhere halfway through and enjoyed it, but New Vegas is a different beast, with more color and more choices this was some great escapism.

South Park: The Stick of Truth – It’s like being in South Park and living in a couple of episodes. Great!

Deadpool – Now that game had potential and some of it works, but the moves and action becomes so repetitve that this game falls short in the end. Pick up the awesome X-Men Origins: Wolverine which is the best version of the movie and possibly one of the best superhero movie spin-off games ever and rivals only Logan in terms of violence and intensity!

Diablo 3 – So that was good too, had great fun playing with the missus on the couch, but she was complaining about the uneven looting (I was picking basically everything up). Now owning the Ultimate Evil Edition this is basically a different and much fairer game – can’t stress enough how good this game is on the couch and still has support and new stuff after 5 years. Woah!

Borderlands 2 – Diablo as a shooter with comic style graphics and great humor. Amazing! Now having the Handsome Collection even more and better looking fun.

BioShock Infinite – Best and most thought provoking ending in a game ever. I don’t need to say more, a little bit more though in the stupid but smart article.

Tomb Raider – Best reboot or re-imagining or call it whatever you want of a game I remember fondly. Liked it better than all of the Uncharted games I played with superb combat and great story that really made this character relatable while updating Lara to a more timely heroine. The secrets actually made me want to find them for fun – achievement unlocked!

Enough of my ramblings. I have caught up with writing and you have caught up with my opinion on things.