We are the problem…

Really, unlike with video games, where fans keep calling publishers out on their bullcrap and someone like the amazing CD Projekt Red comes out of the woodwork and delivers on all accounts without aggravating (what I believe) a single consumer, with the grandious Witcher 3 (so yes, I am part of that cult too now), movies are a different kind of beast.

We are entitled brats when it comes to comic book movies…

I understand that it is staggering and actually kind of scary when there seems to be 20 movies a year being hauled at the consumer that come from the comic book genre. But is that even a genre? I see spy thrillers, sci-fi operas, action movies, comedies, action comedies and everything else. Hell! Road to Perdition is a comic book based movie. The Walking Dead is a TV-show based on a comic book series. It’s not a genre. It is hard for me to think of another fan base of movies that is so vocal about every nook and cranny and seemingly cares so strongly about X being better than Y – it’s the biggest dick measuring contest you can be part of. And here I am commenting on this contest.

Star Trek versus Star Wars might be something that has been argued about a lot, but to be fair, it never struck me as that comparable. I kind of enjoy both but am not the biggest fan of either. I remember they always got along in the end and strolled through galaxies happy and married and one had a tad more action, the other was more brainy and now they are both touched by J.J. Abrahams and a bit closer to each other than ever before. Why divide fans? Why can’t we all just get along?

Some voices are too damn loud…

The internet keyboard warriors that fuel this fire in comment sections on comic ‘fan’ sites and movie pages are the jet fuel that makes the structure of these weak (doesn’t melt it though) and sets unrealistic expectations or let them ‘fail’ before they even had the chance to watch them in their entirety. Thank you trailers and critics. For the most recent example look at Iron Fist and the hate it gets for having shown half the season to ‘critics’.

And the outrage over the casting etc., but let’s not get into that. So some people, who may or may not be fans look at basically half a movie/TV show and rip it to shreds. Before you have a go and can enjoy or hate on it as much as you want. I guess maybe some people really enjoy getting told what to like. These movies or shows, do make money and they are there to do that and they do a good job (mostly).

Who are those critics anyway? Oscars and the Academy Awards and all of that. It’s the self fellatio contest to the dick measuring of MCU versus DCEU.

Some people say the right thing…

…and get drowned in the battle of profanities and arguing over tastes, here is a fantastic comment by Dr feelgood in the Screenrant comment section of this article:


I’ve made this statement before and I’ll make it again, the problem

is not… NOT the movies or the directors or even Warner Bros. It’s you ,

the fans. The fans are a bunch of hypocritical children who turn angry

at the drop off a hat when they don’t get what they perceive to be right

 or correct. They get this fanboy rage when someone either likes or

dislikes what is not what the mob likes or dislikes. Articles like this

and the “what does marvel have to do to get an Oscar” article do nothing

 but divide the fans further inside that perception of goodness or what

is correct. The mob turns on one person for saying something but

embraces a different person for saying the same thing. James Cameron

praised Zack Snyder you people went crazy, called him a hack said he

needed to get back on his meds threatened to boycott his movies and

worse… Scott derickson praises Zack and all the sudden Watchmen is

everyone’s favorite movie… WHAT?? The fans have no idea what they want,

they just know they don’t want others to like what they don’t. It’s all

very childish and stupid. I liked BVS quiet a bit therefore my taste in

movies must be flawed. But I liked winter soldier too so I’m OK? Can’t

have it both ways fan boys. Batman and the DCEU will be fine as soon as

fans stop acting like entitled children who “deserve” anything. You

don’t deserve anything. You get what you get, you like it or you don’t.

It’s that simple.


Couldn’t agree more. Like the poster of the comment above I really enjoyed Batman v. Superman and Watchmen and Winter Soldier.

I was as scared as the next guy and by next guy I mean a person that cares for Batman, when Ben Affleck stepped away from the director’s chair of ‘The Batman’. I want to see that movie and I want it to be good and be made and made properly.

Personally I want a mix of the magic of the Tim Burton Batman, the richness of the Nolan Batman, the bombast, impact and ripped from the comic pages scenery of Zach Snyder and John Wick/The Raid inspired fight scenes. Is that too much to ask for?

Here is Kevin Smith talking about Ben stepping away. He says it better than I could write. Now, with the Planet of the Apes director at helm, things will work out. I am excited!

It’s a great time to be alive! Try to calm down a bit and enjoy what is put in front of you – it’s not the end of the world.

Let me try to conclude this with another comment on a Screenrant article by ambrosia about the DCEU not changing to please critics:

I love reading some of these comments that are just portraying

exactly what the article is stating. Critics judge a movie based on

contemporary values. If a new artistic language shows up, they have no

foot to stand on. I also love reading the internet-majority parroting

terms like “pacing”, “structural issues”, “editing”, “narrative”, etc,

but never going into detail beyond that. Like you scratched the surface

of a literature/movie-making essay, picked up on those fancy, technical

terms but never bothered to go beyond that.

Other people just want Batman, Superman and other DC characters to be

caricatures of themselves. An infallible, perfect Superman , a nigh –

omniscient Batman, etc. A reason why the meta, fun, oh-so-self-aware

formula of The Lego Batman Movie is so appealing. 75+ years of DC Comics

 and I guarantee you it changes overtime and the generations that

preceed a change in (Golden, Silver, Modern) Age consider that same

change… a “misunderstood attack” on the characters.

Bottom line, in my opinion? We’re witnessing a new cinematic art and

much needed expansion of the superhero genre . MoS was first horribly

received but now is considered by many to be a contender for best comic

book movie. A similar transitive process that occurred to… 2009’s


…and as said in the beginning I agree with this and time will tell if Batman v. Superman will be considered a better movie later on, I don’t doubt that. If not by critics than maybe by movie buffs but certainly by me.

So here is the Power Rangers trailer that gets the kid in me excited while seemingly striking a good balance between being dark(er)/grounded and still delivering on the fun, something the latest Fantastic Four movie failed horribly at. I have thrown my two cents out there.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CllAVWV5Zx0]

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