Ha! Cheesy!

You now have that song stuck in your head.

It’s that time of the year where I miss Germany the most. I think it is like the 4th Christmas in China or so out of 6. Not so much this time around. Let me elaborate why that is.

I basically come from a place where Christmas is something special. Isn’t that everywhere? Yes, you might think so, but in the mountains and the small area where I am from: one could say that Christmas is the front and center of family life. That one time in the year where it matters most to sit with your family and/or friends who are basically family too, the family you chose.

Here is a great and short video explaining what my hood is all about on Christmas:

Christmas here in Shanghai can’t compare and that is great. I don’t even see a lot of Christmas decorations apart from gaudy ones in malls. So I am not missing out, even if there would be more, nothing would be so authentic and homely.

It’s a festival of lights and there is tons of lights here as well and but it’s way different. I miss out on the family and friends in Germany and I love them dear but I am glad that Christmas here doesn’t come close, so I can celebrate however I want.

We do have a ‘Raachermannl‘ the traditional smoking wooden figurines that are powered by a cone of incense. Since everyone seems to know and love Rammstein, here is their version(s) of the figurine:

So born and raised in a 1600 (roughly) people village in the mountains, here is my little part in spreading a bit of the culture. I will probably be off for a bit, play games, chat with friends, Skype the family on Christmas and on the 24th I will think of everyone I hold dear and eat until it hurts and look at different lights, lights that also guide me home like the miners. Lights that are representing people and families that share different traditions that I can take part in or not and you can do so as well. Broaden your horizon and ask what traditions your friends hold dear. Learn, take some of it with you, adapt what you want and have a merry Christmas no matter where you are from and love your family and/or the one you cho(o)se…

I love you for reading this and I hope you enjoy, love and burn a bit with me, even if it is just a tiny candle. We share a laugh, a goof, a gaff, a smile, a adventure, a hug, a lightbulb, a lighter, a workplace, a hobby, a taste, a meal, a friend, a friendship, an idea, a bed, a roof or a big ass pulsing heart in your chest. Do something good and be nice for once!

2 thoughts on “Do they know it’s Christmas time at all?

    1. You could learn a thing or two. I guarantee you that there are people you care for – maybe in the wrong way. Come over for Christmas

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