So here is the conversation I had with the friendly cashier in the alldays (a tidbit of information about the ‘convenient’ store market) down in our building, after I came home from work:

Ayi (convenient store employee/Aunty): Ah! Hello, you just finished work?

Me: Nah, haven’t eaten yet, but will soon. (I misheard and was too fast.) Oh, sorry, yes, just finished work.

Ayi: I just warmed up the dinner I brought from home.

Me: That is great. Smart! 

Ayi: Yes, cheaper than eating outside and no diarrhoea! (She is not wrong for the most part.)

I giggled inside, nodded, grinned and walked off.

It’s those little things I enjoy about China. The casual mentioning of bodily functions to a stranger. Just the slightly odd things that happen, that make this house a home…

Baopals has moved office and it’s closer to my home. Even though I loved my work before, I love it even more now. In 2 days from now China will go into a shopping frenzy. It will be 11/11 aka Singles Day. It’s Black Friday on steroids (can’t think of a German equivalent – maybe the introduction of a new VW Golf, but nah).

Things are great, the balcony garden is green and chillies starting to turn red, hopefully before it gets way to cold. I have lost 6 kilogram with not drinking beer from Monday to Thursday (and a little bit of more conscious eating). I climbed 60 floors today (decided to make that a thing on Wednesdays taking the stairs to the 19th floor, the other floors are 4 times to my walk-up building to get to the 6th floor and random stairs). I randomly did push-ups when I felt a bit cold (20 each time) and I try not to throw fits of rage while biking, which is easy, as now it’s just half the way with half (or less than half, as it is a quiet’ish (if that is a thing in Shanghai) the ride along a river with less idiots. Yes, people here drive like idiots, it’s nothing new, I won’t change that, but I point out (with shouting at them) that they put both parties, me and them, in danger. I also did a mini clothing purge.

So yeah. I saw Dr. Strange. Another really good Marvel movie with a under-utilised villain (Mads Mikkelsen is such a great Hannibal and actor throughout, there should have been more of him), the best visuals in a Marvel movie so far, a good (and for me unexpected) amount of comedy and a strange twist (really, that is how and why that one character switches sides?). It’s up there in the top 5 I would say of the MCU movies, top being Winter Soldier and Civil War.

On the TV show side I have caught up with The Flash (honest trailers was never more on point): consistently good, Arrow (pretty much ‘Batman – The TV Show’ minus Batman with Green Arrow): back to season 2 greatness almost, Black Mirror (the best, darkest, most terrifying and sometimes reality predicting British TV show): with the best, most positive episode ever and possibly the greatest hour of television in my life (San Junipero – that is the name of the episode, I won’t give more away), Westworld: currently best show with naked man, woman, violence, brain and visuals, Fresh Off The Boat: great, I love, love, love the kids (especially Evan and Emery) and most of Charlie Brooker‘s Screenwipe: because TV and that man is an inspiration (can’t wait for this years wipe!I lied. There is some Trump in the last link.

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