I get it! You vape.

Just wanting to share this here:

Not only is H3H3 my favorite youtuber (I never had that before), he is also super funny and 95% of the time on point! There is so much good material and I always look forward to another giggle. Until very recently I didn’t even know that people made tons of money with Youtube and live off of that. Good stuff, guess kids now want to be youtubers instead of astronauts or firemen.

There is hardly a day where Ethan and Hila don’t make me at least smile a bit and man, am I thankful for that and happy that they make a living.

So the above video makes fun of vaping? I don’t think it does – it’s hilarious and if you can’t laugh about something you do then I feel terribly sorry for you. I know people from minorities that find jokes about said minority incredibly funny. People get triggered way to easily. It’s pathetic, get over yourself and live a little.

But that is beside the point. I started vaping one time like 3 years ago or so with two cigarette like sticks in basically an iPhone (that charges them) with terrible battery life and not a great amount of vapor. It was fun for the novelty of two weeks, then one of them disappeared inside my jacket and back to smoking it was.

In November 2015 I visited the Shanghai Vape store and got myself a vaporizer and stopped smoking within a 2 week window. For me it was the most effective way to replace the smoking habit and apart from weekends somewhere else, where I didn’t bring the vape it has been effective and during those times cigarettes were not as important anymore. IF you don’t know what vaping is and want to have it explained to you as if you were 5 years old, then this blog post does that better than I would do.

So yeah, it’s been almost a year, 5 devices later and that habit is still there and I (with 5 thumbs on each hand most of the time) came to build my own coils and wick them. It smells nice and it’s another hobby now, but it’s also a fun and helpful community (with a minuscule amount of people that get triggered easily).

So I hope I got a word out about vaping and some youtube stuff. I have been to Thailand and Taiwan (where I also watched Suicide Squad) as well as Baopals taking off massively, so there are some ideas that have to be put in writing soon, but this explains my neglect of the blog 😉