Let’s talk some magic here and how I started experimenting . What’s going on in the upside down.

So right of the bat, you can tell that I have been watching Stranger Things – and wow, it is brilliant. If you are an eighties kid and love the old Stephen Spielberg movies and want to see child actors doing their best (honorable mentions here: Fresh Off The Boat, Modern Family) and have a potpourri of Spielberg, Stephen King, John Carpenter and the body horror of David Cronenberg (not too much of it). It plays out, as I heard best in a podcast (sorry don’t remember the name), as a adventure movie like the Goonies for the kids in the show, a slasher movie for the teenagers and a mystery movie (or Outer Limits-X-Files) for the adults. It works magnificently.

Without giving away too much, they talk about the upside down – a different dimension and where the Nerdist in the first link talks about it in a specific way, I saw that more, especially given Eleven’s experiments as Out of Body Experiences/Astral Projection (Science has yet to figure that out completely).

When I was 16 I moved out of my parents house and got my first apartment and went to school from there. With that distance from childhood friends and family, I developed a strong interest in Paranormal Stuff (everyone does at some point, no?), Philosophy (I read Sophie’s World man!), Self-Reflection, Masturbation and Lucid Dreaming, as well as Out of Body Experiences and Astral Projection. I basically was the kid from Little Miss Sunshine!

I was a bit more active though, I went to train in boxing and frequented hardcore and metal concerts. Living alone I delved into books at night. Reading is just the best and I wish I would read as much as back then and I am working on that. That made me the kid in literature classes that always gave the speech about how reading is beneficial in soooooo many ways, even if it is the back of a shampoo bottle when you are sitting on the throne.

Skipping mediation and other ‘hippie stuff’:

Love that dude!

I went straight for the cool stuff: getting out of my body and exploring other worlds…

Robert Monroe caught my attention first and I read things on the internet, while my desk neighbor was trying to find the ‘download all’ button on Audiogalaxy in school.

I tried the Body Scan to relax myself and then tried to head straight for the 3rd person view on myself. Needless to say, most of the time I fell asleep and continued for maybe a year with basically no results, apart from a couple of Lucid Dreams (here is how-to) and one night coming home from a hardcore concert, in bruises, tired, in terrible need for rest and sleep – I tried it and came to a state where my mind was awake and my body asleep, a ringing started in my ear, a bright light showed up and I felt euphoric, maybe too euphoric and I woke up to just fall asleep, but I remember it to this day. It’s magical!

Maybe I should get back to that, but given that my meditation practice suffered a bit (I however kept my morning yoga-wake up routine – during the week), I won’t have all the time, but it’s fun. Try something, learn something new and experiment with binaural beats (because that is magical too).

Have a great week and bring back the magic!

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