So here is the thing about traveling and me: I don’t wike it.

Really, I don’t really like it. Growing up in Eastern Germany and pretty poor, I sometimes heard: ‘You know what, why travel to other countries when spot X in Germany just a couple of 100 kilometers or less can be so nice.’. I never really listened nor believed that. I still don’t really do, but here is the thing:

I fall in love with places and a holiday sometimes isn’t enough. May that be a week or 2 or maybe a couple of weeks. I like to be an stay in places and get used to them and build new routines.

There are all those memes that flood your and my Facebook how traveling is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. But what if you can stay in that place, what of you can make it work there and what happens when every day feels like that kind of traveling. This is what I try to do. Get used to the place, hack it, make it work for you and feel as comfortable and at home as you possibly can.

It’s like in MMA or on BJJ when you learn to get comfortable in uncomfortable situations ) not that those living situations can be as uncomfortable than getting mounted by Brock Lesnar, like Mark Hunt experienced in UFC 200. By the way Brock Lesnar looks fitter an faster now and found myself in a bit of awe when he just rips legs away for double leg takedowns.

Anyway, you can make it work. If you are in a small rural environment or in the suburban sprawl and you feel okay, you can make days feel like a holiday and develop yourself without the need to get away for 2 weeks in a year just to forget about your worn in life.

Play the game so the environment favors you or try to make that environment favor you, because if I can do that you can and you don’t always have to follow the status quo – question it. Question everything. Even this!

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