This year there is a lot of dying going on. The 27 club did not get any new members unless you are familiar with Viola Beach (which I am not).

David Bowie, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Lemmy Kilmister, Bud Spencer (Carlos Pedersoli) and Alan Rickman are no more – may they rest in peace. You might think that this seems to be a particularly bad year in terms of idols dying. It’s not, we are biased and the celebrity culture just went into full swing in the 50’s, so we feel like the world is crumbling.

This is might sound like a really negative way to lead into an article, but nothing lasts forever, the world keeps on turning and for me and many other super hero fans this must (or should be) the greatest time to be alive.

It is the year where arguably the biggest DC super heroes were seen together on the silver screen. It’s a time where a super hero movie would function even without costumes as a marvelous movie and by that I’d like to take Captain America: Civil War as an example. It is a time where there are hours upon hours of super heroes on TV (and I watch/have watched them all).

Growing up having weekend sleep overs at grandma’s and getting up at 6am to watch X-Men with the best cartoon intro ever (only topped by the Japanese versions intro), Hulk, Spider-Man and his friends.

Now in China I just had the pleasure to finish the Ultimate Cut of Batman v. Superman. Let’s just say that they had that in the  DVD-shop here.

Yes, it’s still not a masterpiece but it makes a good movie and a great set up for the Justice League and all there is to come. The extra 30 minutes add in the best way possible, I found myself on Superman’s side a lot more and even Lex’s plan made more sense. In a addition to that there is a bit more blood, some arm’s more are cut off or broken but I am sure that this would have made for a better experience the first time around.

I am excited for the DC movie universe and can’t wait for the next few movies.

Civil War was great: touching, funny, every single character had a good arc, a couple of wow-moments and was all around probably my second favorite Marvel movie to this day. Number One: The Winter Soldier. I count Deadpool as FOX and that one would win over there.

In comparison to Civil War the Justice League set up wins in the music department and has Batman. Batman trumps every other hero. And Zack Snyder is really not that bad, I would say he is great. That boy has the visuals down to a T and man, can he direct a Batman fight scene! (The Rescue) No one before him was able to show that in live action.

I frequently watch the ‘Everything wrong with …’ youtube channel and found out that they also feature a more positive version, they take movie where people are on the fence and explain why it actually is good. And you should definitely give the one about Suckerpunch a try and after watching that please try to argue again that Zack Snyder can’t do interesting stories. Yes, he talks funny, he comes off as a bit of a douche, says ‘like’ a lot, like Justin Bieber (you know I do like that boy too) and needs a hand with the general story, but I find he is one of the strongest visual directors out there.


If you ask me about the TV-shows that is tougher. Arrow is on a downward slope starting from season 3 onwards and probably not worth watching unless you are a hardcore fan. The Flash is really, really strong and is genuinely funny and the scenes between Barry and his two dads are nothing short of amazing – they really pull my heartstrings. Legends of Tomorrow is good fun, but skippable if you ask me. Supergirl is surprisingly good and fun. Agents of Shield I stopped watching but it might have gotten better (opinions?). Constantine was fun until it got cancelled, but a bit all over the place and with weak spots that showed (the actor was not one of them). Daredevil is the best superhero TV show, Jessica Jones was very, very strong. The latest addition is Preacher and hot damn is that fun – especially the first two episodes (it has also been officially renewed for season 2). Hope I didn’t forget something…

And you know what? Doom is back and Quake and Fallout is in full swing. What a time to be alive!

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  1. A bit hard for me to sit still for Preacher… but I also have a hard time sitting still for Stranger Things… Maybe I just have a hard time sitting still…

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