Relaunching this blog and myself

It’s been 5 years in China by now, a bit more actually. It’s been a weight that was fluctuating for the longest time. It’s been constant food from restaurants for lunch and a loss of adventure. It’s been a loss of healthy habits and getting comfortable with something stable that I should have known it’s not.

When you’re finished changing, you’re finished. -Benjamin Franklin

And finished I am not!

Here is to a new beginning. Picking up a habit that I had – for 2 years constantly and then for like 6 months out of China again. I blog. I blog about change and I blog about me. And you know what? I blog for myself. For myself to remember what happened to smile and smirk about the adventures that happen and happened. To have a constant memory and to maybe make you smile and in the constant flux of youtube stars – I want to be the one that writes. That writes old school – like on a blog in the early 2000s.

Here is how to do that and why it is good for you. It’s also not my first language – so it helps even more.

Sitting here and writing this I already feel great. I feel like words are springing out of my head and make space for happiness.

I have started meditating and am still looking for the right app or setting to keep this going. It’s great! Try it at the right time. When that is you ask me? I have no idea. I tried and dropped it so many times, but what helped me the most to at least semi constantly keep this going is to keep it short. 10 minute meditations are a thing and how doesn’t have 10 minutes. 10 years ago I was trying (without any knowledge about meditation at all) to jump right into binaural (more on binaural stuf on this website that looks like from late 90s geocities) mediations that go on for 45 minutes to an hour and keep that going, while learning to lucid dream and experience myself out of my own body. I fell asleep a lot and have not achieved a lot.

I stopped smoking and got a ‘mouth fedora’ how some people call them – a vaporizer. Two to be precise. It has been 8 months with only a handful of days where I fell back into the old habit. Shout out here to my friends at Shanghai vape especially Sean and more on vaping in Shanghai here.

I started reading again due to a Kindle and the German amazon store and I get books for free or heavily discounted via Bookbub and so can you.

I have moved and have a cute garden on the balcony that now features small tomatoes, mint, basil and thyme an I do a mix of a morning exercise that is a botched version of my MMA trainer‘s warm up and some DDP yoga.

There is even more change on the horizon and the most recent one is to have picked up writing and blogging again, but I’ll keep that for the next time.

Let me end this with something that is inked onto my skin:

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi