Turbulent weeks went by, with no chance to blog.

I was Batman (and this guy is when he is cosplaying and probably the king of all cosplayers) and holy hand grenade was Arkham City awesome. The game is bigger, better, faster and more Batman in every single way than the already nothing short of awesome Arkham Asylum. While I haven’t had the chance to play Origins, I guess that one is somewhere in-between, I cannot wait for Arkham Knight, that my friend here in China soon gets to play (games are 300 RMB). I will go and get it once I have an XboxOne and live in Hong Kong in the meantime it’s going to be iPad games and classics on the Mac, but boy wonder was I Batman for a couple of evenings and will be again… Being Catwoman was almost more fun though. Heathen!

I have also been to my favorite city and you know that by know: Hong Kong. It was amazing what an effect 4 days there can have on me. I think I lost 3 kilos, I met friends, I had beers, we hiked, it motivated me, it changed me and I have something to work towards to. It did half of those things to my misses as well.

And while some shows kept me occupied: like the pretty bad season 3 of Arrow, the awesome first season of Flash, the best season of Vikings, a very solid fifth season of Game of Thrones, a very good season 3 of Orange is the new black with the possibly best ending for that show so far and the good old Parks and Recreation whenever a laugh is needed at season 3 at the moment. Thank you China for having all those shows at hand for a small penny. I might take those seasons apart in a future post, but maybe not. You can always ask 😉

Speaking of parks. I saw Jurassic World last Friday. It was good, it brought back the old theme song and inexplicably the idiots in the movie thought it was a good idea to open the failed theme park of Jurassic Park as Jurassic World. Have they not seen the first movie or heard from those ‘scientists’? Anyway I found it good and sometimes, somebody else already put your feelings into words, so did the commenter Peita D on Screenrant:

I will admit that Mad Max Fury Road may have forever ruined any action movie for me – the bar has been set so high now in terms of ninja techniques of storytelling – show don’t tell – and letting the world enthral you rather than spending time ‘world building’ . It may be to soon, I may not have recovered from the amazing stunt work and cleverly integrated CGI to cope with a water dinosaur that in fact caused me to laugh at the end rather than get a real ‘fright’.
Worth seeing at the cinema, but not worth rushing out to do so

So yeah… Mad Max: Fury Road is mind-blowing and even now that 2 weeks or so have passed, it is well up in my top ten and probably dethroned Termintor 2 as the best action movie for me. It’s that good. It’s loud, it’s crazy, it’s an adrenaline fueled post-apocalyptic rollercoaster ride in an incredible world where everything naturally falls into place and even the 3d was subtle but worked and I am usually not a fan. Seriously the movie is out of this world in terms of style, story, action and pace. Do yourself a favor and watch it in a cinema. I might throw superlatives around lightly but in that case: please believe me!

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  1. Riddle me this! You can have me but cannot hold me, gain me and quickly lose me, if treated with care I can be great, and if betrayed I will break, what am I?

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