On Sunday a friend of mine lent me Batman: Arkham City for the Playstation 3 (that I don’t like, but my girlfriend’s brother lent us) and I am busy being Batman.

In Germany I used to have a Xbox 360 that I currently lent to one of my best friends and the predecessor of Arkham City – namely Arkham Asylum is the one and only game I absolutely destroyed.I got every trophy and all that shizznit.

So I am back to being Batman and don’t have the time to destroy it but I am going to thoroughly enjoy it until we have to give the PS3 back.

In the meantime listen to this good song, from the not so splendid Batman: Forever movie (really Batman and Robin is godawful, but this one is enjoyably campy), with a pretty great soundtrack (I am not joking) and a great video:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zuy4828wpvg]

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