Inevitably we are going old. Wait a second before you call bullshit!

I am 30 at the time of writing this and I feel like 14. Okay I admit, I feel 22, but again, I am in pretty good shape, but I don’t take myself as serious anymore. I don’t fight other people’s wars no more. I my early twenties I was deeply involved in the Hardcore/Metalcore scene (the addition of everything after the slash would probably already get me into trouble with the scene police), I was writing reviews and going to a concert every weekend. I cared deeply. Whenever someone wrote something about my favorite band or my group or my scene I went into Captain America shield up defense mode and fought. With words, on the internet with a neckbeard. Nowadays I keep that neckbeard shaved and trimmed and I don’t care about the scene anymore. I care about me and my friends. I still listen to the music and enjoy it and at the same time I am listening to Justin Bieber or something else super popular and damn it, who can tell me that I shouldn’t enjoy that?

At some point I realized that this is not as serious. Please don’t get me wrong, I still love music, absolutely adore it and probably couldn’t life without it, but it’s not that serious.

That made me laugh, but it’s not how I feel. I am just happy that I am not in the 20’s anymore. Don’t let anyone tell you it get’s worse. Everything get’s better and you look at things differently and it’s totally cool.

I came up with the idea to blog this when I was reading this lifehacker article. It is really not that important what other people think about you. Life the way you want and you pick up the ones that follow along and the ones that knew it all along stick as well, but you don’t have to mend and break yourself over it.

With 30 if I would try to become Batman, like really, really hard, it would take me until I hit 48 optimistically. So glad I am Batman already. Dodged that bullet!

On my old blog, that was all in German and the under I put the evolution of Slipknot in juxtaposition to me growing up. Today I keep that shorter and do the same thing with a band that sounds like it went back to the roots.

Here is one of my favorite songs ever, with a song, that I interpreted for a creative course:

Atreyu – Ain’t Love Grand (2002)


13 years later they come back with pretty much the same sound and I find it great. I love all of their stuff and some people really can’t get over the evolution (the old, old stuff compared to the stuff before 2015) and then back to this:

Atreyu – So Others May Life (2015)


It’s all there. It’s not as polished. It has the pig squealing like vocals and the unique singing voice of the drummer. Always have a soft spot for bands with the drummer singing. In the time in-between those two songs Atreyu got more straight forward rocky with amazing hooks and straight forward singing, but I like the contrast here and I am glad they are back with the old sound, not that there was anything wrong with everything between the two songs.

Again, don’t be afraid to go back to what works and just take baby steps towards becoming Batman and a better version of you. Maybe you want to start with nutrition and you want to print this out and hang it on your fridge, not because it is perfect, but because it’s a good guideline and might make you better and maybe, just maybe, you are 30 or close to it.

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