A lot has happened. Frustratingly my tactic to approve spam comments and then comment on them massively backfired and left me with 400+ spam comments.

Good thing is, you learn from that. I learned there is good protection (listen kids!) – haha. Some trial and error made me find a brilliant plugin called ‘WordPress Zero Spam’ and guess what! It does exactly that. Highly recommended.

Another thing that I highly recommend is to update your MacBook Pro with an SSD and more ram. Man, my computer runs better than the first day and probably will give me another 5 years of usage. A mid-2010 13inch MacBook Pro with now 500 GB SSD and 8GB of ram is a monster! I was looking for parts being to lazy and incompetent and do it myself I got this competent, likable and trustworthy guy to do it – macbookmechanic – hit him up if you are in Shanghai.

Also a shout out to my poster: dreamhost – their support is incomparable and I got a got deal for the hosting and bombastic support. So if you want to host your own site, then hit them up. Use the lifehacker discount that is widely available and you start blogging or your site for something like USD 20. It is literally a dream to host with them.

This post sounds like a big advertisement. Haha! But honestly: credit where credit is due!

Wait! Another shout out – to Astrill my VPN provider of choice. China’s intranet can be a pain and speeds even with a VPN are not comparable to free countries, but they make that bearable and they love me too 🙂

So enough with the shout outs. I am back and have less excuses for not blogging and solved a lot of background issues – so yeah! Please enjoy and keep on reading and commenting.

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