Sometimes you discover good music that you knew about in the Apples Store

I will keep this a short one.

In a few weeks it is Christmas and I would have not realized it, if it wouldn’t have been for red starbucks cups and posts of my friends that show snow. I mean last week I went out in a T-shirt and other than a planned Christmas party at work there is not that much of a Christmas feeling. Which is a good thing when you are away from the place that probably celebrates it in the most ‘christmassy’ kind of way. Read a bit about it here in decent English and for future tourists.

What I wanted to say was: waiting for a friend in one of the couple of Apple stores in this city (Munich as a city where I lived has one to compare) I was playing this game to feed a hippo and a monkey and they where not too happy that I put more than tomatoes and cabbage in their salad and the monkey had fire breath after a pizza with 1 pepper. Kids growing up are in trouble of getting the right nutritional information is the lesson I take away from that. Maybe there too busy with gender inequality. F**k knows! (To clarify: this is sarcasm, I like all kinds of games and kids growing up are not any worse or better than my generation was or the generation before or the generation after and so on)

So if you want to find the particular game I played, I can’t help much, maybe your search result for feeding animals on a small island ios will reap better results. If you happen to visit an apple store in China in the next couple of weeks, then this is a game installed there. The name, if you should find it out, or a link would be appreciated. It was good fun.

Anyway, I was playing away and I thought I might test out some headphones. I have really cool ones – these – but why not try what the fuzz is all about with Beats and Bower & Wilkins and whatnot. Mine go up to 11 I think and have decent bass for everything from slow nuanced music to blastbeats.

There is an astounding mix of preview songs on those iPods attached to the headphones you can try. They have for example Mastodon, Muse, Ed Sheeran and then what I wanted to write about initially: Olafur Arnalds. This guy is 2 years younger than me and I discovered his music like a lot of my friends through one of my favorite bands (and everyone’s favorite German Metalcore band, for a time #2 album in the German charts and also all the band members with pretty much the accent that I am rocking when speaking German) Heaven Shall Burn. He was supplying them with amazing intros and interludes. Now he has one of the sample songs in every apple store around the world. Well done and well deserved.

Here is the song:


Stellar movies and weekends

Yesterday I saw Interstellar in the cinema. I can’t quiet make out if I love it or not. It was a very brain heavy movie and the 6 beer before did not help. It’s the weekend. So what I can say without a doubt is that the visuals are absolutely magnificent and the sound and music is blowing your ears away. Sometimes it’s actually kind of too loud and it’s hard to make out what Matthew McConaughey is mumbling…

Here is the trailer:


I did not understand the movie 100% and I believe it is not really necessary and I don’t want to make myself smarter than I am. It’s good but I would not recommend it to anyone. The movie is definitely one that needs a second viewing.

The day after I watched it I checked if I at least understood it to a certain degree. I did. However it is one of the few movies where an infographic can help to explain a lot more. Here is a whole website dedicated to that (Science) and here is an infographic for the timeline.

Recently movies have not really blown me away. Turtles was underwhelming and had enjoyable fight scenes and two other scenes that I liked/made me laugh – the rest was disappointing. More action, a better Splinter make-up/CGI/puppet and a funnier Will Arnett would have helped a lot – also: less darkness. Think Transformers – yes, I actually want the movie to be a bit more Transformers. Ah anyway – here is something cute 

The promised second language article

So here we go: no, I am not a native English speaker and there are a couple of words and phrases that give me away. Not necessarily as a German but yeah, as somebody with English as a second language.

The German in me makes all the ‘W’ sound a bit funny and muffled. Like in ‘weird’ or ‘window’. One time we had a meeting in one of the jobs I had and I was suggesting something that had something to do with winter sports… so everybody looked a bit baffled and and asked what I meant with ‘window sports’ – I kind of shouted it again and was understood, which leads me right to next thing:

I talk really loud and while I am able to tune it down a little bit in person (with sudden outbursts), I cannot do so while on the phone. It never ceases to amaze me how some people are able to whisper into phones and then I wonder about the superhuman hearing the person on the other hand must have. Maybe I am holding my phone wrong (but I tried a couple) but I am not able to hear you on the phone if you do that to me – whispering into the phone. I find it pretty hard to concentrate on the phone call anyway – but I am totally cool with my headphones plugged in, then this becomes much easier for me. Since I don’t want people to experience the same pain – I talk loud and mostly clear, which leads me to the next thing:

So I have my inner amp set on 11, but according to a Canadian friend of mine, it is still hard to hear if I say ‘can’ or ‘can’t’, like in are you Mexican or Mexican’t. After the double check by the person I am talking to I say ‘can not’ to make sure they understand.

On another sunny day we wen’t for Burgers here in Shanghai and I thought it’s best to go for the Cajun. So when my friends asked me what my choice of food will be I said the ‘Cadshoon’ – so this is apparently not how you say, but I know about the ragin’ cajun and should have known better.

Ah! Just came to think about another one: ‘gesture’ – I say it like Jestjure. I find it weird that to have that it starts with that hard kind of g.

Bonus: Warwick Davis – the guy from Life is too short and friend of my favorite TV personality Karl Pilkington. I say ‘war wick’ instead of warrik.

I’ll have a whole article dedicated to Karl Pilkington, but he is the funniest guy ever – don’t even know where to start!