So yeah, there are a couple of articles drafted, but that is hard to see for the world, when you are not logged into my wordpress account.

Currently it is the best time, I mean weather wise in Shanghai. The temperature hovers around 23 degrees, the sun is shining and the AQI is in the green zone. Here is the information directly from the US Consulate in Shanghai which is located 50m from where I work. The thing is: last year December and January of this year, the level was over 9000, no, but yes, it basically exceeded the 500.

So I have been outside, I’ve been eating a lot of good food recently and we decided to start cooking after moving into an apartment with kitchen. Things are good!

Today was Gotham and Blacklist day. Monday is Walking Dead and Homeland Day, there is one Day with the Flash and Thursday is Arrow and American Horror Story Day, sometimes with Modern Family mixed in, but sometimes I leave that for the weekend. Agents of Shield I watch when I am in the mood, but I will not be bothered much if I miss an epsiode.

There is a couple of shows that I follow religiously as you can see and I am not religious.

Gotham is still leads the way and is probably the show I look forward to the most every week. It has a great charme, a bit TIm Burton Batman, a good cop duo, a really good child actor (who is basically already the greatest detective in the world – but I am not too bothered with that) and a hint of the Adam West campiness – it’s very enjoyable and a bit silly – perfect to escape to Gotham for an hour, not perfect but good.

Blacklist is okay but has brilliant music all the way through and of course James Spader who will be the evil A.I. Ultron in the upcoming Marvel madness Avengers: Age of Ultron, if you haven’t seen the leaked trailer yet, then do it:


The trailer got leaked in shite quality and Marvel used that opportunity to upload the HD version and thank Hydra for the reveal 😉 Love how they handled that. It looks sick and the music is insane, probably the best thing in the trailer. The Pinocchio theme (that was easy for Disney Marvel and fits like an ass on a bucket – that is what Germans say). The only teaser/trailer that gripped me in the same way was this.

The Walking Dead started with a pretty much flawless string of episodes so far. It’s fast paced, things change, people are on the run, the team functions, there is character development and the cliffhangers make me excited for the next episode. They also seem to got rid of the Hyundai that remained always clean…  Maybe long before, but who kept track during all those filler episodes. Anyhow, we are looking at the best Season since the beginning of Season 1 it seems.

Homeland is somehow a guilty pleasure and I can hardly explain why I keep watching it. It’s probably Claire Danes superb acting and there is some tension, though I’d like to facepalm myself a couple of times *SPOILER WARNING* Quinn loves Carrie? Carrie gets romantically involved with a key person again? We saw what that lead to last time. Still something keeps me watching and I can’t quiet put my finger on it.

Flash, Arrow, Agents of Shield and American Horror Story I keep for another day.

In terms of movies I finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy and it was brilliant. Probably the best Marvel movie so far. Last weekend was The Rock as Hercules and I went into the cinema expecting not much and was actually positive surprised with that take on the story. Brett Ratner can do better than ruin comic franchises – I am proud. I don’t want to give away too much but it is a movie that is fun and kind of clever for a normal action flick with charismatic actors.

On the small screen I saw Lucy and I will spoil it right away and tell you all about it, it is the prequel to Her (partially filmed in Shanghai!) – it makes perfect sense. Trust me, I am out and watch my dreams for now. And nobody believes that we on only use 10% of our brain anymore and if you do, fact check it here on Snopes – generally a great site to debunk myths like that.




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