So it is that time of the year when I am waiting on TV shows. The time when you watch mediocre shows because you have to wait a week for your new favorites or a couple of weeks or months until the shows you really love make a return.

At the moment I am watching: Gotham (Season 1), The Blacklist (Season 2) and The Strain (Season 1).

Gotham so far is great and managed to step up the game from episode one. My highlight so far is Robin Lord Taylor who nails it as Oswald Cobblepot and the young Bruce does well and so does Alfred, argh, at the moment there is not much to criticize but the waiting for the next episode…

The Blacklist starts off strong with the 2nd Season with great music choices (love that in this show), no bad CGI so far and there seems to be more of a multiple episode arch. James Spader is just killing it and his delivery is flawless. I can’t wait to see him as Ultron...

The Strain – comparing these three shows currently the weakest link, but not bad. Some of the characters are annoying – see ‘Eph’ (Corey Stroll) who is a great actor, when having his character from House of Cards and Eph both in mind, but the decisions this Eph guy makes, without taking to much away are just not logical and make him more and more unlikeable. Other than that great effects, some characters I’d love to know more about but we will see. There are weaknesses and plot holes as wide as goatse, if somebody still remembers that, but please don’t google it. Bet some of you did and you will be more grossed out than with scenes in The Strain…

Other than that me and my better half started to cook. The joys of a bigger apartment and next door a grandma with her grandson moved in and they are tattooing people all day every day. Did I mention that we live in the building were apparently mistresses (this is something pretty common in China) find a place away from ‘boyfriends’ (see: provider, LG bag buyer and holder, pink Porsche driver etc.) and their family (see probably loving wife and kids included).

Stay classy China! Especially in Hong Kong and have a splendid Tuesday. Speaking of splendid: for the longest time (I never saw an original English Simpsons episode) I believed that Mr. Burns says ‘splendid’ when he does that hand gesture that is a bit like Merkel (clearly a satanic gesture /s).

Next time I might let you know what kind of words still give me away as somebody with English as their 2nd language – that could be fun…


6 thoughts on “A mixed bags of chips/nuts/bats

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