Let’s start this post with a bit more Batman, that you had never heard before:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFfjUMinFPk]

So those guys are the piano guys – if you don’t get goosebumps, then please go away. They have a video with my new favorite Disney song as well, but ‘Betraying The Martyrs’ did it better (they also have the best drummer everin Soviet Russia drum drums you? – nah, but he is amazing) and Lindsey Sterling dances more elvish through those landscapes.

Anyhoozle, since this blog is already blocked by the great firewall of China, here is what’s going on in the city I like the most here in Asia. It’s scary and I hope this will find a peaceful end. Check it out before this post by the Shanghhaiist is taken down and if you want to read more about what concerns people within the great firewall of China check out Chinasmack, but be warned: too much of it will make you feel less than awesome, they are not writing about stuff like what is going on in HK at the moment, because people here are going to be distracted with violence and whatever has to take presedence over whatever might actually be important. Question everything like your professors, teachers or family have hopefully told you. Even what I write – I might be on the payroll of Batman. But seriously check your sources or you end up believing shit like this – and yes, some of my ‘friends’ on WeChat, the Chinese WhatsApp equivalent took that for granted. See how far you can go until you find out that this is utter bullcrap.

Yesterday I have watched the worst Rob Zombie movie. I love the shit out of him as a director and the first album on CD I ever bought was from him (that review points out the obvious: a B-Movie fetish and horror fantasies in puberty and that being said, it is still an album that I give a listen as a package once in a while) and holds a dear place in my heart. Lords of Salem was not all bad and while Roger Ebert likes that one, I see different references. There are nods to David Lynch and yes, Stanley Kubrick but only ‘The Shining’, these references are pretty much obvious and I like the weirdness of Lords of Salem, but it has zero replay value. While 2001 Maniacs was partly stupid but macabre and funny (and has Dwight Schrute as fishboy) and House of a 1000 Corpses was solid and creepy and The Devils’s Rejects something completely new, this movie shows the love of Mr. Zombie to some directors whose style does not quiete suit him and really, stop the lens flares or was that a nod to J.J. Abrams. So Rob, please add more action and kick up the pace.

Looking forward to Gotham and the new Episode of the Blacklist and also to write more. The flow is back and so is Batman…


2 thoughts on “Day 2 – and they have still no idea that I am not Batman…

  1. Goosebumps for sure on ThePianoGuys. Oh and thanks…got ‘Let It Go’ stuck in my head…AGAIN.
    Real serious issue we’re dealing with the whole China and HK thing. It’s devastating to realize how oblivious some Chinese can be.
    ‘Lords of Salem’… Agreed, fails in many ways. Great acting, interesting topic…but totally a waste of my time. Trying to achieve too much yet fails to deliver?
    Don’t know. Don’t care for now. What I do know is I’m looking forward to your next post 😉

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