Holy F**kin’ S**t!

I am deeply sorry that I didn’t update that site so far. The change from Shanghai to Dörfel (yes, you read correctly) was a bit harder than I thought. The internet connection is unstable, since our house got struck by lightning. From next week on, I will be in Zwickau and I will write something nice or interesting or both or something short or long. I can’t even tell you what a pain in the ass it is to call german DSL providers everyday. Anyway I hope my friend Mike is able to sent the comment he promised me and I provide you with an awesome song about NINJAS! (yes!)

Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja

Pure awesomeness, I like how all the people take them seriously…

I’m alive and kicking…

Yes, I am still there, back in Germany, back in ‘Dörfel’ and I find myself in a shitstorm of bureaucratic work. I will write again soon and not to less… Just to let you know – I am safe and sound.

Now I can post pictures and movies again – that being said: here is

The Ghost Inside – Unspoken