I love cats too

Me too, me too gurrrrl!

So this completely passed me by when it came out and this has been shown to me like 2 weeks ago. I love it. It’s up there on the olymp of signify songs like Oh My Dayum and the Charlie Sheen Song. So silly! So good.

Big Fan of Your Mom’s House Podcast and they just had the funniest guest on – Jessica Kirson – never heard of her before but she jives so well with the crew. Amazing!

In Code Camp News we started coding some websites with HTML and CSS – which is great fun. Back in the day so in the early 2000s I member’ed the time in school I built my first website. With Dreamweaver (here some German tutorials with the versions around the early 2000s) and a ton of gifs all around the page and animations that where not too far off the Geocities and Ebaumsworld back in the day. So basically this: Cameron’s World but by a 16 year old who is really into Metal, Diablo and Flames. I even hosted it on the then popular and free .de.vu-addresses that somehow in 2015 I think completely disappeared and all pages disappeared or re-appeared with random texts, images, other languages, snippets and viruses and/or malware and any imaginable mix of this. We even hosted our band-website on one of these addresses but that one is also gone…

Anyhoozle, there is bamboozling stuff you can do when it all comes together, as it slowly does. This stuff (it’s called EventListeners) is kind of magical. So yeah, I am thinking of going into some sort of hybrid role of what I did so far in my professional live meaning sales/marketing/PR and combine that with the refreshed and expanded IT library/vocabulary to jump into something that I really like and stand behind. Love what companies like ChariTea and Spreadshirt are doing but honestly anything really that I personally would find useful or get behind/would buy/identify with…

It’s about time to update all my stuff: meaning CV, LinkedIn, pictures and whatnot and really network again to find something I will be doing from end of December onwards or the new year respectively.

Times are great and Leipzig is still amazing. Hit me up if you love cats too and/or have some use for me and my skills in a company here. Much love! Peace out!

I <3 Leipzig

It’s been almost a month now. There are things that have changed in me and around me. As mentioned before that was a physical move to this city as well as a psychological move inside of me.

Out of the sudden and not only because of the Code Camp, I am surrounded by fantastic people of different nationalities. Just today I made my morning tea and possibly did everything wrong according to brits and tea-lovers but not science (okay – I did it half wrong): teabag in the cup, milk in the cup and pour hot water over it – told my fantastic South African classmate to look away. This anectode reminded me of the one time we had lunch in Shanghai at the Shanghai bakery (I do miss that place and it has long closed before I left) and I ordered a seafood pasta and got offered Parmesan, which I happily poured over that food and this made my super liberal Italian friend slap his head and sit in disapproving silents for a minute. Love that!

I love walking out of my appartment and having the Eisenbahnstraße (infamously presented in this German short documentary that is worth a watch and it’s also funny how differently the comment section of youtube sees the video) around the corner with Döner, Turkish supermarkets, a couple of cheap bars and a huge park that has actual people walking around and using benches and the facilities and all that. It’s also worth nothing that the street and area around is also semi-affordable and the creative people and students find that an attractive place to be and so do I.

I love getting through the city on my bicylcle from one corner to another in about 40 minutes, the same was true in Shanghai.

I love little and bigger markets that pop up here and there and the streets fill with friendly people that stroll around. Even the night of the Festival of Lights had thousands of people gathered and I rarely saw groups of angry, dumb groups in Thor Steinar and or similar attire, which is somehow accepted and normal and a common sight when more than 50 people gather in any city or village in Erzgebirge for whatever apart from the Stains in Sun, some Hardcore shows (not all unfortunately) and very creative gatherings, university events or events that help you understand and participate in democracy (as that is needed, not only in East Germany, but I hope you do get my point).

I love having places that hold concerts everywhere, parks, gyms, theaters and cultural places in walking distance. That way I already came to watch a rehearsal of Kleist’s Herrmannsschlacht (in German) and I loved every second of that. I even loved going to see a soccer match for once…

I love having authorities in walking distance and the ability to arrange appointments there online.

I love still having a lot of like-minded exile-Erzgebirge-friends around.

I love Leipzig.

Break is over!

It’s been a while dear readers. This time nothing political. Still, a daily reminder to fight racism and the rise of right-wing parties and thinkers in any way shape or form you can and feel comfortable with. My tone towards sympathizers and the ones that trivialize these acts have changed and I just straight up tell them what I think without sugar-coating. I have nothing but disgust and harsh words for the fascists and sympathizers. Here is a brilliant German article on what happened in Halle and that this nutcase was and isn’t alone. It’s time to wake up for everyone and I have no respect for you whatsoever if you sympathize with ideas this person stands and stod for.

So what has changed! A ton to be honest.

I have moved away from the area I grew up in. I do believe a city and what a city can offer suits me and my lifestyle better. I am now in Leipzig aka the little Berlin aka the coolest city in Saxony.

I have left my job in sales for nonwovens to learn additional skills. Tech skills that hibernated for a long time and things that start to click again now in week four of Code Camp Leipzig. I am one of 13 lucky, talented and amazingly diverse people from all walks of life and different nationalities that learn to code and become a software developer.

I got married in August and my wife is joining me here in Leipzig this Sunday.

I ride my bicycle a lot more and I joined a gym again. I stopped smoking again and reduced vaping to time at home and while out drinking. In short: I am on a healthy path.

It’s been a while since writing a lot and I have to get into the habit again, so excuse this short post. There will be more to come.

So what is to come?

Definitely some run-downs and things I learn in code camp, things I do, things I love about Leipzig and generally things that I find interesting and hopefully you too.

The site is now https and I updated a loti of things in the back.

Here is a song that became a meme back in the day and completely passed me by. Super solid track with heartbreak lyrics fit for a 17 year old and his mates but otherwise this is a banger:

Updates and Upgrades

Haven’t posted here in a while and to be honest, I might not do so in the future. It’s not that I don’t find time for it, but recently I found it more effective to talk to friends about politics, because that is something that moves me strongly at this point in time and I don’t really want to blog about that.

With the rise of a right wing political party and our area being constantly in the news (and if you ask me: rightfully so) there is a lot of things to talk about and to worry as opinions even in closest circles are somewhat worrying to me. On that topic I can highly recommend the documentary ‘Der NSU-Komplex‘ and the documentary-series ‘Mitten in Deutschland: NSU‘ with the latter painting a picture that is scarily familiar to someone growing up in the 90s in West-Saxony. On a more positive note, there is also a GDR-style restaurant that I really want to visit. Check this out.

Here are some reviews and tips on what I have watched and done and upgraded my life!

My garden, after my compost burned down in the summer heat one night, is now back to looking great and some upgrades have been set into motion together with my buddy. So kids, if you have a compost heap and it’s super duper hot and dry outside and if you put fresh cut grass and garden leftovers into that – water that shit. Yes, water the compost. There is bacteria in there that works and heats up and, like with me, this can self-ignite like straw that is laid out to dry.

My knee is back to probably 95% and it’s just a tiny bit of bending left to do the classic slav squat. Speaking of Russians, haha, gotta brush up on my language skills, but I am super into ‘Stop a Douchebag‘ – here is my favourite episode – these guys (there is also girls) are basically vigilantes with balls of steel. They stop cars driving onto or on sidewalks and if the ‘douchebag’ doesn’t run around when they are super friendly (for real) reminded that they are doing something unlawful they get a massive sticker on the windshield that says something to the likes of ‘I don’t give a shit about others and drive where I want’. It’s fascinating and these guys are very likeable. I have also learned through one episode what ‘put the camera away’ means in Russian. Great fun!

I am not doing much sports and felt a bit tired coming home from work and I had to find a solution for that given time constraints as well as taking into account that I could hurt my knee again if I overdo it. So what did I do? I do yoga for 10 to 15 minutes every day after work and it’s pretty much like a strong healthy coffee (as coffee or caffeine doesn’t have a huge effect on me, apart from me liking it) and it makes me stay energised until I go to bed. Super great stuff!

Haven’t touched cigarettes much and rather vape in the morning at lunch and at night or when I drink which is okay too and cinnamon and apple pie flavour as well as cookie flavours are fun when it gets colder.

I have also completely finished ‘The Witcher 3‘ with all DLC and it was a fantastic ride and oh such a great game, definitely one of the best after the year 2000. Honestly the fairytale world (that as far as I know is completely missable if you chose a different path is one of my highlights and it’S absolutely fascinating how your choices affect the world and game. I got the most ‘happy’ ending and was super satisfied with that. Try it out!

I finished ‘Nier:Automata‘ and it’s a close contender to the above mentioned Witcher. It definitely has better music and more psychological depth and the combat is more fun. I’d still have a hard time favour one over the other.

Currently I enjoy the slow paced ‘Darksiders II‘ with a superb comic-metal aesthetic and an old school Zelda-like gameplay.

Now to Netflix: ‘Daredevil‘ Season 3 has been the best comic book show. Period. Superb fight-scenes that big screen movies could learn from and a tight story with the return of Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin and his best role imho. as well as the scary Bullseye played by the almost Captain America Wilson Bethel. This is the perfect transition to praise Charlie Cox in the Daredevil role: he is hands down the most likeable character in the show and he melts into the character with this high moral standard and eternal turmoil that only Chris Evans can compete with in the Marvel universe. Two goody-two-shoes characters where the actors just portray their stance to perfection and a way that is utterly fascinating. Cox’s American accent is also something to fall in love with and all his little demeanours, the slight tilt of his head when listening in, the utter avoidance of eye contact and believable portrayal of the character being blind and his physicality. I do love the upgrade (or downgrade) to the black costume with the Muay Thai wraps as well and the stunt work in general. I may not agree with the choices the characters Daredevil and Captain America make, but I find them believable and understandable and the big hearts of gold of both characters shine with the portrayal of both their actors. Please watch this!

‘Big Mouth‘ is great fun to escape the world a bit and I cried and laughed watching ‘Queer Eye‘ and learned a lot and I fevered with every character in ‘Better Call Saul‘ which adds Bob Odenkirk to the people I love seeing on a screen and I would love to meet. With Better Call Saul I could watch the characters go about their lives forever and cherish every second. It’s a masterpiece of storytelling and film-technique.

Other than that I have been to Bavaria, spent a Witcheresque weekend in my hood, last weekend some bonding garden work, a foosball tournament, thousands of kilometres in the car for work and some great books.

I leave you with James Rolfe that liked the ‘Predator: Upgrade‘ (that is the German title) maybe a bit less than me. I saw that one in the cinema, made a new friend and can’t remember laughing that much in the cinema for a while and being thoroughly entertained. I find James’ choice of words just fantastic and am a big fan of him since ages, so enjoy:


Some updates, some shows, movies and games

Here is the article for the week. And given that the last two articles have been in Germany and more or less about the same important topic, let’s go back to English and what’s going on and important.

Maybe I am writing here a bit like Burnt Kryschler in his Open Tabs format (genuinely love that show and find it better than his podcast and all unfinished topics he starts, unnecessary rambling or overhyping something that has zero appeal to me is just part what makes it so fun to watch). So welcome to the open tabs of my life and what I find worthy of mentioning or what is going on in short and totally biased, but hopefully fun.

Yesterday I had a wasp riding shotgun with me in my car. 40 kilometers from work back home. I’d like to believe she flew out the open window at some point and found a way back to her family or maybe I have just given her a ride out of her horrible situation and friends that have a bad influence on her to find herself.

I’m the passenger

My new favorite netflix show is Queer Eye. It’s brilliant, I learn a bit from it, it makes me laugh, the soundtrack is great and it makes me cry. The show seems oddly honest despite the flashy characters and the American style format. Would love to have these guys available to send them to a couple of friends 🙂 

I have also finished Iron Fist Season 2 and it was way better than the first season with much improved acting and way better fight scenes and towards the end of the season it became great even. Really looking forward to Daredevil’s Season 3.

On a flight recently I have watched A Quiet Place and I would highly recommend that movie. Jim ähem John is fantastic in it and wrote a fantastic movie with great pacing and ideas and no dull moments. What a debut! War Dogs was another one I have somehow missed, but then saw on the flight and it was great. Miles Teller and Jonah Hill are believalble, funny and scared/scary at the same time and I recommend that one too. The Tomb Raider reboot however I cannot recommend. Whereas the games for me rebooted and surpassed the original games, this movie does not come close to the new games that it clearly draws inspiration from. The actress looks the part and does her job all around but the movie is just a narrative mess, everything is told with voice-over and or over-explained, the story meanders and just jumps from so-so-action-scen to explanatory boring scene to so-so-action-scene. Horrid, did enjoy it just as much as the Tomb Raider with Jolie (where she wasn’t the problem either).

So much for movies. Cable TV is something I do not watch anymore or chose to make time for. I prefer Netflix and Xbox to game a bit where I at least am involved and can chose to do and watch and game what I want (from what is available) and on a time I chose. Honestly, who has time for all that when you also want to read, meet up with friends, do a little bit of movement work, write and work for 40 hours a week.

The time I pick to enjoy. This brings me to something interesting and the reason I just dabble in mulit-player games once in a while… I play a lot more single-player games than I play online with friends/people who drop into the session. With single-player experiences I can completely get lost and experience a story, a world and narrative that I can completely lose myself in. Sometimes I force myself to get through a cutscene to then press pause and go for little tigers or my coffee gets cold or all of that happens. With multiplayer games even the ones where you can pretty much choose to not interact with other players (not to say that this is or isn’t fun) like Warframe even if I play alone the lack of a real pause during a mission/level exhausts me a bit more and I forget to take breaks. Worse is when I have 1 or more other Tenno in my squad (not playing with a headset, even though I do like to talk to people playing too) I take no breaks or basically have to apologetically hammer ‘srry got 2 pee’ into the in-game chat for the break. I played Destiny and attempted a raid once with my Argentinian friend a spanish kid in Japan and his Japanese buddy. We failed multiple times, there were language barriers, frustration and a lot of fun, but it happened completely by accident, as these 2 kids happened to log on when me and my mate were gaming and we were just ready to give that raid a try.

I could not schedule a raid with a couple of randoms or people in other time zones for a video game – that sounds a lot like work and that is not what I want to do when sitting on the couch and gaming. It would really help if all my game playing friends had an Xbox and internet and the games I play (would be close to 100 to choose from now) and a headset to jump on and tackle a multiplayer game when we all happen to play, but that rarely happens nor do I think the opportunity or timing for that will be right. So yeah, I like single-player games and would love to casually try some more multiplayer stuff but without all that organisational stuff.

Now to the games: I finally started Sleeping Dogs and it’s incredible how much more fun GTA is set in Hong Kong with a tight story (this came out before the infamous GTA 5) and just non-stop action and okay Batman-Arkham-Style-Fighting. I guess I am about half-way through, like with GTA5  which I find to be a bit more of a commitment but still really like. Warframe is still on the table and gets a couple of runs every time I turn on the Xbox, because the gameplay is just insane fun and again what about Space Ninjas Slide, Kick, Bullet Jump, Diablo-Style Looter with Magic The Gathering-Style Upgrading does not sound like fun? I actually made it (after about 200+ hours in the game, yes, it’s that much fun and with about 30 euros spent on the game) to the Second Dream quest and this is the first time the game shows the heart and story underneath the shooting, sliding and general awesomeness and it has a massive impact. Honestly, even without the story the gameplay is fast, loads fast, has people joining and leaving you for a few missions, helpful community websites and Tenno and again great sound, graphics and GAMEPLAY (it is just fun to play) and would be superb even without a story but this quest that I will not spoil and almost no one on the internet does (which I find incredible) adds another layer to the game and gives it another boost above games like Destiny.

I might even get Destiny 2 once it is fully fleshed out and discounted like when I got Destiny 1 and push through it with a friend or even alone, but I rarely go back to Destiny and I find repeating missions in Destiny while being alone a rather not-so-fun activity, whereas in Warframe I sometimes play a podcast or some on the side and grind through node after node on the planets and find stuff and run through stuff and upgrade stuff that even 1 mission or or 4 hours with podcasts running give me sense of progression and relaxation to a degree that no other online-only game gave me yet. Get Warframe! It’s available for pretty much anything and it’s free.

Finally the game that had me in it’s grip for about a week and still has: NieR: Automata, a game that debuted exclusively on Playstation at first and that I took notice off and filed under weird Japanese Anime game with typical protagonist female-catholic-schoolgirl-outfit-katana-wielding-seemingly-blind and did not give it a second look. Later I found a video where the game was mentioned as having one of the best soundtracks, after that I heard it gotten great reviews. Then a long time nothing and I see it dicounted in the online store. I fire it up and am hooked from the first minute of playing, it’s a gorgeous, visceral, perfectly scored RPG that really kicks into gear after the credits role (which is 12 hours or so of fantastic gameplay, story and characters) and then the game keeps on giving. I haven’t finished the first New Game+ yet (or better chapter 2) but this is up there with the Witcher 3 (even though I haven’t cried in NieR so far) and in terms of gameplay alone actually surpasses it. Here is a video that just nails every aspect of the game with some minor spoilers:

Buy it full price – it is definitely worth it! And experience the best fusion of gameplay, music, story and deep philosophical questions that are not apparent from looking at the characters. Play it!

Weil es mich nicht loslässt:

Hier noch ein letztes Mal zu dem Thema, denn die Bereinigung meines Freundes- und Bekanntenkreises ist wahrscheinlich noch nicht durch. Es beschäftigt mich seit dem Vorfall in Chemnitz jeden Tag.

Erst gestern Abend hatte ich wieder eine lange Diskussion mit einem meiner sehr guten Freunde und selbst da mangelte es an Erfahrungen/Erlebnissen, die ich erst einmal aus dem engsten Umkreis preisgeben musste. So hat zum Beispiel einer meiner Freunde auf Facebook eine Morddrohung erhalten, wenn er sich weiter gegen rechtsextreme Geschehnisse stellt. Persönlich habe ich ebenso einen Kommentar der im Kern im Endeffekt aussagt: ‘Ich wünschte du und dein Kumpel hätten gedient und auf euch wäre geschossen worden oder ihr hättet auf Menschen schießen müssen und vielleicht muss ja bei euch Gutmenschen erst was euch oder eurer Familie passieren, damit ihr endlich mal aufwacht.’ Ich war bei der Bundeswehr, allerdings keinen Tag zu lange und ich weiß auch nicht was das mit irgendwas zu tun hätte. Nochmal, einem anderem Freund ist öffentlich mit Mord gedroht worden. Das ist jetzt wieder anekdotisch aber ich kenne NIEMANDEN, nicht einmal jemand, der jemanden kennt, der bereits einmal von einem ‘Ausländer’/’Migranten’/’Fremdem’ Gewalt verbal oder physikalisch erfahren hat. Punkt.

Vielleicht ist es Angst die, diese Menschen treibt. Das Problem ist, dass diese Angst irrational ist und wir dann über Gefühle sprechen, nicht mehr über Fakten oder tatsächliche Zustände. Und hier haben wir ein Problem. Wir leben in postfaktischen Zeiten, so scheint es mir, es ist noch nicht so schlimm, dass wie in Amerika Menschen an eine flache Erde glauben und eine Plattform haben, aber Verschwörungstheorien und schlecht oder gar nicht recherchierte Quellen werden Schin geteilt und.

Es ist auch so, dass es durchaus Hoffnung gibt. Ich hatte auch Gespräche mit Freunden die politisch rechts sind und zu einem Dialog offen waren und es zumindest ein Ohr gab und einen produktiven Austausch. Ein paar wenige sind aber wahrscheinlich schon zu weit abgedriftet, denn da kann man nicht mehr auf das Thema lenken, ohne dass wieder in die ‘eigene Realität’ geflüchtet wird und Bestätigung aus mehr als fragwürdigen Ecken geholt wird.

Voriges Wochenende hat ein Bekannter mit Reichkriegsflagge in seiner Garage nach meiner Freundin gefragt und sich daran erinnert dass Sie die erste Taiwanerin beziehungsweise Ausländerin bei ihm zu Hause war und wann sie denn mal wiederkommt. Wird sie, gerne, denn wir sprechen noch miteinander und vielleicht wird die Flagge irgendwann abgehängt und die Welt wird auch für ihn größer.

Freunde mit anderer sexueller Orientierung, Religion, Herkunft, Einwanderer, Auswanderer, Expats haben nicht mehr und auch nicht weniger getan als mein Leben zu bereichern und mir Chancen und auch Möglichkeiten zum Wachstum zu geben und über mein Weltbild nachzudenken. Daran bin ich gewachsen und eher noch offener geworden.

Das soll vorerst das letzte Mal sein um mich zu diesem Thema hier online zu äußern. Ich habe beschlossen bildungsresistente Menschen aus meinem Leben auszublenden, denn die sind nur eine kleine Minderheit, die sich nur in ihrer kleinen Realität befinden und unbelehrbar weiter schreien (mit wenigen, einfachen Worten). Gerne trete ich weiter in den Dialog, aber viel wichtiger ist, dass ich mich in meinem Leben weiter für Toleranz und Liebe einsetze und diese wann immer es geht zeige und wen dieser Post aufregt dann bitte ich diese Menschen gerne von mir abzusehen, denn ich brauche euch nicht.

Ich konnte wirklich nichts anderes posten, möchte aber gern auch wieder über andere Themen schreiben und werde dies tun, nur manche Dinge werden jetzt zum Schutze mentalen Gesundheit ausgeblendet und wie der oben erwähnte Vater einer Freundin einfach auf ein Hallo, Tschüss, Bitte und Danke stehengelassen, bis deren Dunstglocke des Menschenhasses sich wieder mit Frischluft füllt.

Italien, Portugal, Taiwan, Deutschland und Amerika an einem Tisch mit viel Liebe und gutem Essen in Shanghai vorige Woche. So etwas wünsche ich mir mehr und öfters, statt Märsche, gemachter und irrationaler Sorgen und kleiner Geister.


Ich bin ja ein ein grundsätzlich fröhlicher Mensch und ich liebe es wieder in meiner Heimat dem Erzgebirge zu leben. Es macht mich jedoch todtraurig was in Chemnitz geschehen ist und welches Licht die Geschehnisse auf Sachsen werfen.

Irgendwann hatte ich auch einmal über den ‘Schock’ geschrieben, als die AFD mit 30% der Stimmen hier an Macht gewann. Der unterschwellige Rechtsextremismus hat da dann öffentlich seine hässliche Fratze einmal wieder öffentlich gezeigt.

Ein Mensch ist mittels eines Messers in der Nacht von Samstag auf Sonntag zu Tode gekommen. Das ist schockierend, unheimlich schade und schrecklich. Ich wünsche den Angehörigen, Freunden und der Familie des 35 Jährigen Stärke und Kraft diese Situation zu verarbeiten.

Eine zu erwartende Reaktion wäre ein Blumen-niederlegen, Lichter und vielleicht ein Trauergang gewesen. Doch eine rechtsextreme Vereinigung nutzte schamlos die Situation um ihre Agenda voranzubringen und zu zeigen ‘dass die Stadt uns gehört!’ (sic).

Anfangs wollte ich nicht über dieses Thema schreiben, doch leider kamen auch viele der Videos und Bilder in meinem Facebook-Feed an und Meinungen einiger ‘Freunde’ zeigen doch, dass dieser Vorfall und die Instrumentalisierung der Rechtsradikalen funktioniert. Der Mob wird verteidigt, die (wenn man wirklich nicht ganz blind ist) rechtsradikalen und Parolen rufenden Menschen werden verteidigt, nein, verharmlost. Es ist ja normal, man ist ja nur mit der Gesamtsituation unzufrieden (sic). Wer da mitläuft hat sich die Finger schmutzig gemacht, so unwissend kann man nich sein.

Hut ab vor den Polizeikräften, die dort ruhig vorgehen und Ordnung wahren. Ich meine auch die Staatsorgane haben hier nicht versagt, denn binnen 48 Stunden wurden die beiden mutmaßlichen Täter gefasst und werden zur Rechenschaft gezogen. Selbstjustiz geht in Comics klar, nicht in einem Rechtsstaat. 

Erschreckend wie schnell Halb- und Unwahrheiten schon am Sonntag verbreitet wurden: ‘der war Halbrusse… die Ausländer haben den 35x abgestochen… ein zweiter ist im Krankenhaus gestorben… das war während des Stadtfestes… er hat ein Frau vor einem Übergriff bewahrt…’

Nochmal: eine Gewalttat wurde instrumentalisiert um Menschen aufzustacheln und wieder die hässliche rechtsextreme Fratze öffentlich zu zeigen. Soll mir keiner erzählen er erkennt dort nur ‘normale’ Bürger, nicht einmal wenn man Bildmaterial der ‘besorgten’ Bürger anschaut. So blind kann man nicht sein. Ich hoffe die Rufe, verfassunswidrigen Grüße und Gewalt gegen die Polizei wird ebenso bestraft wie die Messerangreifer (natürlich in Relation und nach geltendem Recht und Straftat (duh!)).

Schade zu welcher Berichterstattung dies führt und schade welches Licht dies auf Sachsen, Chemnitz und auch ein wenig auf dich und mich wirft.

Schämt euch, ich muss noch einmal durch meine Facebook-Bekanntschaften gehen und aussortieren, geredet habe ich schon, doch es scheint es ist einigen Leuten nicht mehr zu helfen, wahrscheinlich so wenig wie dem Opfer ein politisch instrumentalisierter Aufmarsch hilft. Denkt doch mal nach!

Habe auch heute mittag gelesen, von Bekannten des Opfers, dass Daniel solcherlei Demonstration sicher nicht gutgeheißen hätte. Es gibt demokratische Möglichkeiten seinen Unmut zu äußern und weniger pietätlose Gründe eure Meinung kundzugeben oder ‘was zu ändern’. Fakt ist: seit spätestens heute sind international Bilder aus Chemnitz mit Neonazis zu sehen.

Auch diesen ganzen Whataboutism bezüglich Straftaten Linksextremer und Ausländer könnt ihr lassen. Hier die Zahlen aus 2017: politisch motivierte Ausländerstraftaten – 3372, linksextreme Straftaten – 1702, rechtsextreme Straftaten 23555. (aber stimmt wahrscheinlich so nicht, ist ja bestimmt die Lügenpresse, oder mindestens genauso schlimm, bin mir sicher ihr findet Zahlen die genau das Gegenteil zeigen sollen (sic)).  Hier auch nochmal aktueller, ändert aber im Verhältnis auch wenig. Ihr seid auch nicht ‘das Volk’, nur ein kleiner Teil, der am lautesten schreit, wenn es eurer Agenda am besten passt oder die Opferrolle sich wieder einmal anbietet.

Zur Beruhigung: es ist immernoch ein kleiner, gewaltätiger, dummer und lauter (leider auch erstaunlich schnell und effektiv organisierter) Teil Rechtsradikaler und ich hoffe Sachsen, Chemnitz oder auch ‘der Osten’ wird keine dauerhaften Schäden davontragen. Daniel hilft das mit Sicherheit nicht mehr, möge er in Frieden ruhen. Hoffentlich geht es auch nicht nur mir so, wenn bei den Szenen eher Angst aufkommt als irgendeine Form von Solidarität oder Verständis oder Zusammenhalt. Zum Glück gab es nahezu keine Gewaltvorkommen, trotz der Anzahl der Menschen dort, wobei irgendwie mulmig ist mir dennoch.

Ich liebe meine Heimat und schäme mich ob der braunen Flecken.

This time in English…

… and I honestly am not sure to continue this blog in either German or English, maybe I should make a poll. Both English and German is definitely a bit too much work as I translate everything by hand and would start in either of the languages and add some specific explanations to go deeper or that lack context in that language. Thoughts?

Live is great! It’s fantastic to say the least. Everything still feels fresh and somewhat familiar and my view of my country and heritage and how I am has definitely changed and helps tremendously in that regard. There might even be a psychological explanation on why I feel so great living here again as I came across this article today. So Germany seems to be an individualist country, which I definitely identify myself with and I am surprisingly happy being on my own and doing things that interest me on my own and go my way on the other hand it’s stated that Germany is also a ‘tight’ culture – meaning there is a strong tendency to adhere to social rules, which I like to a big degree – on the downside this leads to a culture that is somewhat resistant to change and/or less welcoming to outsiders. That being said, it seems that, at least here in this little green enclave, once you have made bed in a social group you are integrated to a degree that is almost comparable with family (given that you don’t come from a broken home). Just wanted to share this as it is amazing insight and I don’t want to bore you with how happy and seemingly easy I life my life right now.

Gardening time is coming to an end and with a very dry summer just some beans, potatoes and early strawberries made it. So now it’s time to winter-proof the garden and plan everything a tad better come next year. After the super successful swimming pool fest in Rittersgrün that I helped organise and beer-tended at peak hour (and got a job offer as a bartender that I politely declined) where I served beers with loads of smiles and laughter with around 800 visitors over the 2 days and some fun games like water sliding and rain boot throwing and an impressive 1000l beer sold we went to visit the Saxon Switzerland (Sächsische Schweiz):

This entailed loads of hiking, some biking, a great breakfast (with loads of local farm produce) and food, beautiful nature, (2 hours from where I live roughly) beers and swimming, as well as philosophical and mundane talks. Driving through our beautiful neighbouring country to get there – the Czech republic – I have decided to start learning some Czech. It seems kids nowadays in school do have that option and the Czech people do speed some German for the most part, so I thought it’s only fair that I know some too. I use Duolingo for that, which does a great job of gamefying learning a language – try it out.

Last weekend I spent my Saturday to obtain a timing/secretary license for handball and played some of the Magic: The Gathering – Arena Of The Planeswalkers which is good fun but doesn’t come close to the complexity and fun that the card game is. Man, speaking of this, what a great time it is to be a nerd and a former nerdy teen. All my favourite superheroes are filling the big and small screens of the world to critical acclaim and it’s acceptable to be into superheroes, metal/hardcore music and computer games. Wooooohoooo!

Speaking of games, I started and finished Resident Evil 7 recently with all the available DLC and wow was that an experience with the first person view, the well-timed scares, the anxiety inducing clever gameplay and super memorable maps and fights. Definitely the best Resident Evil since the second instalment in my book. The music in that game is also hauntingly great, here is a taste of that. Which brings me to the game I finished before this one with a very important theme: mental illness. I’m talking about Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. It’s a game with a strong Celtic warrior (one of the best and strongest female protagonists I have ever had the pleasure of playing) that travels to ‘Hel’ to fight for the soul of her fallen husband/partner who’s head she is carrying around and with the extra difficulty of being mentally ill. The game was developed with a professor that specialised in mental illnesses and some people with said illnesses to experience the trauma, visions and voices this can bring and it’s so well-integrated in the game that it becomes a gaming experience (if not a life experience like no other). Listen to this beautiful song and the juxtaposed citations of people having played that game and just watching this again made me cry:

I have been rather ignorant when it came to metal illness as I have been unable to think myself into people that suffer from it, but I can honestly say that this game made me a more understanding person and the way it does that is so unique and powerful and scary. I don’t want to spoil the game, but if this game doesn’t convince anyone that games can be art (or are art imho) then I don’t know what will.

On the Netflix side of things I finished the new season of Orange Is The New Black which I am addicted to and is still great and am in season 2 of the insanely funny and positive Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, as well as weekly excited for the (honestly now better than Breaking Bad) Better Call Saul. I am also greatly intrigued by the Queer Eye, I just saw the trailer as it was recommended and it seems to be great.

Book wise I finally finished The Witcher: The Last Wish and that is a fun read with some great short Witcher stories, even though I wish to have bought the German version, English might lack a bit in descriptive scenes seeing that is coming from the Polish original.

Let me end this with two albums I bought and a song from each and the news that I chugged this blog post out in a really short time which is great news and I will try to post at least weekly…

Here is ‘So Long And Thanks For All The Fish’ from ‘A Perfect Circle‘:

To me the best song of A Perfect Circle with a My Chemical Romance vibe, 80s influences and an oddly positive vibe that goes with some cynical lyrics inspired by Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy – what is not to love? (now please Maynard hit us with a new Tool album and a cherry on top another appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast)

And last but not least ‘Unstoppable’ from ‘For The Fallen Dreams‘:

So glad that Chad is back with one of my favourite voices in Metalcore and with this uplifting and strong song, the album is a bit softer than the predecessor but comes close, the video is great too and Chad looks fantastic.

Have a great week and rock on my friends and readers!



Das hat ja ein wenig gedauert. Doch wie versprochen hier Neuigkeiten von mir. Es sind etwa 5 Monate (fast 6) seit der Ankündigung der Pause vergangen. 5500 Kilometer Luftlinie wurden überwunden (was auch weiter die Distanz zu meiner Freundin für eine Weile bleiben wird, was aber durch moderne Technik erleichtert wird). 7 Jahre Lebensmittelpunkt China wurden auf Lebensmittelpunkt Erzgebirge umgestellt. Fahrbare Untersätze wurden versorgt (Fahrrad und Auto), eine Wohnung sowie der Großteil des Inhaltes einer solchen wurden angeschafft. Arbeit wurde begonnen und der Garten lebt und arbeitet ebenso.

Noch habe ich zum Schreiben keinen neuen Rhythmus gefunden, das ist aber bestimmt ähnlich wie mit meinem Verdauungssystem, denn da hat es auch ein wenig gedauert, bis alles wieder super läuft.

Eigentlich sollte dieser Artikel auch schon seit 4 Wochen hier online stehen, jedoch ist eines der Plugins beim updaten ausgerastet und hat mir und allen Lesern den Zugang verwehrt, das musste erstmal wieder gebaut werden und der damit einhergehende Spam gemanaged werden.

Als allererstes möchte ich mich bedanken. Es ist beeindruckend wie ich wieder von Freunden, Bekannten und Familie aufgenommen wurde. Ich bin zutiefst dankbar für jedes Lächeln, jede helfende Hand (meist handwerklich ;-)) und jedes wirklich interessierte Gespräch. Ich kann jedem nur wünschen eine solche Menschenschaar wie ich sie habe um sich herum zu haben. Es ist auch wirklich toll eine, ich muss es einfach mal neudeutsch sagen, Community hier zu haben. Zum Beispiel setzen wir uns in Rittersgrün für den Erhalt des dortigen Freibades ein (mit Arbeitseinsätzen etc.), auch weitergehend unterstütze ich die Region und Menschen hier gerne. Es erinnert mich auch immer ein wenig an die Diskussion die Joe Rogan und Sebastian Junger hatten über Gemeinschaft, Zusammenhalt und ‘Tribes’ (hier auch einmal als Buch von Sebastian Junger, da der Podcast schon erweiterte Englischkenntnisse braucht, habe aber keine Ahnung ob das Buch so interessant ist wie die Diskussion, habe es selbst nicht gelesen). Auf jeden Fall scheint es ein Grundbedürfnis zu sein als Mensch sich in einer Gemeinschaft und Gruppe einzubringen und gegenseitig zu helfen und die Anonymität zum Beispiel einer Großstadt eher unseren Instinkten widerspricht.

Es sind kleine Dinge die mich noch immer jeden Tag beeindrucken, so zum Beispiel dass aus meinem Wasserhahn innerhalb von Sekunden fast kochend heißes Wasser mit Druck kommt, ebenso dass ich dieses Wasser trinken kann. Ein super schnelles und freies Internet. Freundliche kurze Unterhaltungen über den Gartenzaun oder auch sonst überall, ohne das mich jemand fremdes als spätestens zweite Frage fragt wie viel ich doch verdiene. Auch Auto fahren ist mir wieder enorm an’s Herz gewachsen, vermisst habe ich es nicht, aber nun, da ich wieder fahre, genieße ich es in vollen Zügen. Dann natürlich noch das Grün und die Natur. Nicht nur mit den eigenen Sinnen wird mir täglich klar warum ich hier wieder und gerne bin, nein, auch online sind Aktionen und Internetseiten eine Bestätigung hier richtig zu sein. Checkt doch mal das Wirtschaft im Erzgebirge Portal oder Glücklich im Erzgebirge. Alles toll!

Außerdem habe ich wahrscheinlich eines der schönsten Wochenenden meines Lebens hinter mir. Gerne beschreibe ich das mal im Detail:

Das Wochenende wurde kurz nach der Arbeit eingeläutet. Dann kurz in meinen Garten:

wo sich viele Bohnen, Kohlrabi, Kartoffeln, Lavendel, Erdbeeren und auch einige nicht essbare Pflanzen zu Hause fühlen, wie auch ich. Dann ging es mit meinem Kumpel in seine Singstunde in der erzgebirgische Mundartlieder bei Bier gesungen werden, finde ich klasse, träller ich dann auch kurz mit. Dann eine kleine Wanderung an den Waldrand und ein Bierchen und Gespräche die bis zum Sonnenuntergang, der im Moment übrigens ziemlich spät kommt, dann nach Hause und ein Gläschen Wein während ich bei ein paar Folgen ‘Penn & Teller: Fool Us!‘ den Tag ausklingen lassen. Fool Us ist genial, es ist quasi ein ‘Deutschland sucht den Superstar’ Equivalent für Zauberer und Zuschauer mit mehr Niveau. Vielleicht ist es auch was für Kinder, ich jedenfalls fühle mich immer wie ein Kind bei der Sendung, weil einige Sachen mich wirklich aus den Socken hauen, es ist einfach eine Art Urinstinkt wenn die Sinne veralbert werden. 

Samstag morgen startete dann mit Frühstück (fällt unter der Woche aus wegen intermittierendem Fasten) mit Kaffee, getoastetem Brot und Käse in allerhand Varianten, da mein Käsehunger/-appetit/-mangel noch immer auf Stufe 11 ist seit dem Verzicht (zum größten Teil) in China. Beim Frühstück lief dann Luke Cage Staffel 2 (finde ich besser als die erste Staffel) und dann ging es in den Garten. Dort zuerst ein Bier und ein von meinem Kumpel geliehenes Marvel Comic (Punisher Blutspur, nachdem ich Planet Hulk und Hawkeye Mein Leben als Waffe – übrigens sehr zu empfehlen – eines der besten Marvel Comics überhaupt, bin sonst eher der DC Leser und Fan) gelesen. Dann entschied ich mich die Hecke zu kürzen – ein etwa 2 Meter hohe Lebensbaumhecke die ich etwa um die Hälfte kürzen wollte. Gesagt getan und kein elektrisches Hilfswerk am Start also mit einer Gartenschere los. 3 Stunden später war die Hecke um die Hälfte gekürzt und hässlicher als zuvor weil das Holzwerk im Inneren hervorschaute. Ich fühlte mich erfüllt und sah die Früchte meiner Arbeit. Danach hieß es kurz unter das Wasser und dann auf das Fahrrad in Richtung Rittersgrün und das Freibad um dessen Erhalt ich und viele andere Badebegeisterte kämpfen. Nach einer Stunde und 500 Höhenmeter sowie 16 Kilometer fand ich mich dort um den Bademeister das Bad verlassen zu sehen. Also ab zu meinem Kumpel und dort in seinem Vorgarten ein Feuer in der Tonne gezündet und mit einigen Bier wird der Abend eingeleitet. Mehr und mehr Freunde finden sich um die Tonne (quasi New York Style) ein, dann wird eine Pizza bestellt und Obstler macht zusätzlich zu dem Bier die Runde. Lokalpolitik und Umstände im Ort werden bis spät in die Nacht diskutiert. Dann geht es ab in’s Bett (bei meinem Kumpel), ein anderer Freund gesellt sich später zu mir im Schlafgemach und wir ringen 3 Uhr 30 für eine Stunde bevor wir erschöpft einschlafen. Dann am nächsten Tag wachen wir zu Anbruch des Mittags auf und fangen an zu kochen. 3 Jungs mit anderthalb Kilo Fleisch und Pommes aus Süßkartoffeln und Kartoffeln und Zwiebeln mit frischem grünem Apfel und ein Bier dazu. Nach diesem grandiosem Essen ging es dann in das Freibad und mit mehr Bier und weiteren Ringeinlagen sowie viel Spaß und Volksmusik und anderem Gelächter nahm der Tag seinen Lauf. Danach machte ich mich auf den Nachhauseweg, nun muss man wissen dass im Freibad der Internet und Handyempfang eher dürftig sind, aus diesem Grund zeigt mein Handy in der Mitte des Dorfes an, dass meine Schwester und ihr Ehemann mich versucht haben anzurufen, so rufe ich zurück. In Raschau stellt sicher heraus, dass mein Schwester und Familie mich besuche wollten in meinem Garten, sich dann zu dem Zeitpunkt in dem gleichem Ort befanden und in einem spanischem Restaurant den Tag ausklingen ließen, ich schloss mich spontan an. Mit tollen Gesprächen ging es weiter und dann machte ich mich von dort weiter auf den Weg nach Hause, doch kurz vor meinem Ziel hielt ich noch bei einem Kumpel im Ort an, dort wurde gerade zu Abend gegessen und ich wurde eingeladen und mit Bier, Essen und Gesprächen ging der Abend weiter. Nach diesem Abstecher die 400m nach Hause und geduscht, rasiert und  mehr Netflix bis auf dem Sofa eingeschlafen wurde, ist dann das Wochenende und eines der schönsten Wochenenden meines Lebens vorbeigegangen.

Now let’s do this article in English, which may or may not show that language influences your experiences in life but definitely shows how limited/different ones expression in written form is.

So this has taken quiet a while. As promised here are the news from me. It’s been about 5 months (almost six) since I wrote that I am going to take a break. 5500km in distance have been covered and are being covered daily to keep in contact with my girlfriend (which is made possible by technology). 7 years of home base China have been changed back to home base Erzgebirge (it’s the most awesome low mountain range in Germany). Vehicles had to be bought or maintained (a bicycle doesn’t look too great standing around for 7 years) , a flat hat to be rented and furniture and whatever makes it liveable had to be organised. A place to work had to be organised and started and my garden is living and breathing like I am.

I don’t seem to have a rhythm for writing on here yet. This might be similar to my digestive system that had to adapt as well and got used to the more nutrient dense diet here.

This article should have been up like 4 weeks ago, but the plugins ran amok and I was unable to log in and write or read as well as all my readers. Of course this had to be fixed and the income of spam had to be managed, which wasn’t too much fun, but an exercise in site maintenance.

First of all I’d like to express my thanks. It’s simply overwhelming how friends, acquaintances and family invited me back into their lives. I’m so grateful for every smile, every helping hand (most of the time handymen work ;-)) and every truly interesting discussion. I can only wish for everyone to have such an amazing bunch of humans around or say to have a close-knit community like this. For example we have this pet project at the moment where a couple (maybe 100 people or so) voluntarily work to keep our local swimming pool up and running and save it from being closed. It’s in Rittersgrün (here the wiki in German with pictures, maybe I should translate that one too) also known as the greatest village on earth. This community reminds me strongly of the stories mentioned in the Joe Rogan podcast with Sebastian Junger here. So it seems to be a basic need for us humans to have a community or group (or ‘tribe’ to use the name of the Sebastian Junger book) and help each other out instead of disappearing and growing cold in the anonymity of a big city which contradicts our instincts.

It’s the little things that impress me on a daily basis, for instance that the water from the faucet is drinkable and comes out with decent pressure and is scolding hot in seconds. A super fast and free internet (even though with pop-ups informing me about the usage of cookies on every page). Friendly short conversations in passing or across the garden fence and it hasn’t happened yet that a stranger asked what I make as the second question in the first conversation with a person ever. Driving in a car is something I haven’t missed at all but I have grown to love it again. And it goes without saying that I enjoy the outdoors, the greenery and nature here. Not only do I perceive this with my own senses, there is also a portal and websites that promote this very region which in turn confirms that I made the right choice to be back here. Here is the economic portal of the region and a site called happy in Erzgebirge. All great!

Furthermore I might have had one of the most beautiful weekends of my life. Let’s describe that in a bit more detail:

The weekend started shortly after work in my garden (for the picture you can scroll up, if the lush greenery there has been ignored for some reason). In my garden grow beans, kohlrabi, potatoes, lavender, strawberries and also some non edible plants and found a home and place to rest like I did. After that relaxing visit I joined ma friend in his local singing club and because I find that awesome I joined in for song or two. They mostly sing traditional folk songs and songs in the local dialect. Shortly after we walked to the edge of the woods and had some beer, some interesting discussions and watched the sun go down, which happened pretty late and was impressive. Heading home I decided to open a bottle of wine and indulge in some episodes of ‘Penn & Teller: Fool Us!‘. Fool Us is genius and basically ‘The Voice’ for magicians and made for viewers a tad more sophisticated. Maybe it’s for children, but it definitely makes me feel like a child, because there are things that just baffle and surprise me which might be some sort of basic instinct when senses are fooled in this way.

Saturday morning started with breakfast (that’s not happening during the week because of intermittent fasting) with coffee, toasted bread and cheese of different variants, since my cheese cravings are still turned up to eleven after the lack or fast of it (most of the time) in China. During the breakfast throughly entertained by Luke Cage season 2 (I find it much better than season 1) and after that a trip to my garden. There a beer was opened and a comic that a friend gave me (Punisher Circle of Blood after I had already finished Planet Hulk and Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon – which I can highly recommend, maybe one of the best Marvel comics I read, as I am more of a DC reader and fan). Then I decided to shorten the hedge a bit, it was a 2 meter high thuja-hedge, I decided to half it. So with no power tools I started to go to town with a set of garden shears. 3 hours later the hedge was half as short and ugly with a lot of space and wood poking out in the middle. I felt accomplished and had a good look at what I have done. So I jumped under the shower and headed via bicycle to Rittersgrün and the swimming pool there that we are trying to save. 1 hour and 500 meters altitude and 26 kilometres more I found myself there with the lifeguard leaving the place. Bummer! So I rode up to my friends house and New York style we stood around a burn barrel, talked, had beers, some schnaps and ordered a pizza. Local politics and things going on in the hood were discussed until late at night. As it was time for bed (at my friends place) another friend joins me there and for some reason we wrestle at 3.30am until we fall asleep exhausted. The next day the three of us at the break of noon start to cook. 3 dudes with 1.5 kilos of meat, sweet potatoes and potatoes cut to fries, onions with a bit of green apple and a beer for everyone. It was magical! After that we headed to the swimming pool where more beers and some more wrestling took place with a lot of fun, folk music and laughs the time flew by. So I made my way back home and because of the lack of mobile phone coverage in the swimming pool mid-village I see that my sister and her husband have tried calling me, so I call them back. My sister answers and explains they wanted to visit me and see my garden, but haven’t reached me so they are in a Spanish restaurant 2 villages away and I was just riding through said village. So I joined them there and we had a great time. Now back to my flat I stop by my friend that lives 400 meters away and I catch them eating dinner and we drink beer, talk, laugh and eat a couple of hours away. Back in the flat I shower, shave and fall asleep watching Netflix having had one of the most beautiful weekends of my life.





I’m taking a break a.k.a. The Countdown

It’s going to be less than 1 week before I head back to Germany. For good. For a long while at least and I am going to make this my base of operations.

I have mentioned this before, that yes, when you are living abroad, you learn more about your country, people and culture. I also got older in China and possibly had the biggest changes or growth here in terms of who I am.

I am a different person now. I am in a stable relationship, I know what I like and dislike with a fair amount of certainty and I don’t have to pretend or grow into something that I think I like or try to be someone else. This sounds really evolutional and unique and I know it is not, it’s just growing up.

Speaking of this I want to lead this with this fantastic song by Hundreth:

The song is ‘Youth’ and has a The Smiths, The Cure vibe to it and is a pretty big step from their former music. I know it’s a dark song and it can be quiet depressing but it’s really not. Allow that feeling and dive in and enjoy then move on. Sometimes Katatonia or rage filled Deathcore songs can recover you quickly from whatever you don’t want to feel, if you allow it.

Actually the older Hundredth song (Weathered Town) I have linked says in a few words that some up how I feel right now, scream it with me and them:

I’ve gotta get out of here, but the memories I’ll take with me. everywhere I go, to everyone I know. These memories will stay with me. To escape this weathered town and what this place is all about.

For days I have started to write this article, then deleted it, then left bits and pieces of it and rewrote and started anew and repeated this so many times. I just want to share my excitement and contempt with the situation and decision.

When I was in the military (mandatory military service, that wasn’t super mandatory anymore) in Germany at age 19/20, I thought it was cool to crawl through mud, shoot guns, do obstacle courses and maybe learn something about being orderly/clean/put together (nothing of this was how I imagined), I learned instead how much I despise arbitrary rules and power imbalances that clearly shouldn’t tilt a certain way the way they did. I also learned that negative motivation does not work on me, nor does group punishment and the group pressure/guilt resulting from that. I did crawl through mud, I did shoot guns and jumped over obstacles like someone stealing golden rims and I have been clean and orderly enough before this ordeal. Don’t know why I did that to myself? Laser tag or paintball is more fun, but with that being said, it has been an experience that I wouldn’t have missed and I met friends for life and learned how that institution works. It was super interesting.

So I came back to China in 2011 and thought it was cool to proof myself wrong, because when coming back after 1 year in China during my studies I sold myself the idea of having seen everything I wanted to see and had a great experience but would enjoy Germany after this and possibly not return for a while. I did that, I did proof myself wrong and stayed for 6 years and a bit and now I have seen a lot of things and learned more than I could have imagined.

Most importantly I learned to be totally okay with being German, totally okay with being from Saxony, being able to speak an accent from there. Having a an opinion on almost everything and knowing a lot but also nothing in comparison to some super stars in other categories.

There is a lot to learn about oneself and sometimes you have to dig through your onion layers and sometimes they just show with age, if one makes an effort.

I finished Jordan Peterson’s book and it is nothing short of amazing, possibly the most powerful book since a long, long time and it’s smart, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, sometimes it is monstrous and dark, but always interesting, educational and I really find it to be life changing in the best possible way. And right after I devoured another fiction book. I am on a roll!

Serious stuff aside, I discovered the funniest person EVER I have seen playing VR video games, Maxmoefoe that Australian legend is definitely the first Youtuber that had me in stitches and watching hours of someone playing video games (I have never gotten the appeal before). His accent, mannerisms, personality and high energy is a blast! Come on watch this and try not to laugh. I have played that game for 2 minutes with friends in the room and had fun but I have had more watching him do this.

Serious stuff back on: I’m planning to bring new habits back home, I will try to keep doing intermittent fasting (doing 16 hours at the moment during the 4-5 days), I will try to keep drinking alcohol to the same amount I am currently drinking (not drinking alcohol for 4-5 days and then not really limiting myself on the weekend or special occasions but just keeping an eye on it and how I feel after), I will try to keep on reading currently at least 30 minutes (more like an hour) before sleeping and some in the morning. Working out of course, once I am able to bike, run and jump and fight again and many more habits. The scale is also a better friend to me now with kilos being shredded off and more exercise the more the recovery allows.

Everything finishes up beautifully. I found a fantastic tattoo artist about 5 years ago and good friend that gave me great memories and just yesterday finished up a sleeve that combines different ideas I hold dear and a picture of a place where I am from into something I will always have with me. His tattoo studio is called Yiling Long Tattoo and you can find it if you happen to be in Shanghai and Zhabei here, drop by, he is great and currently working on his English: 1691 Gonghexin Rd, Zhabei (now JingAn, but only in papers not my heart), Shanghai, China.

Shanghai has felt a lot like getting a tattoo. It’s great in the beginning and super exciting and you might be a bit disorientated coming here which compares to the phase before the adrenaline kicks in, then it becomes just fantastic. Once the adrenaline output becomes naturally lower, the pain increases and then you have to take a break. In China that comes in handy with Visa runs or trips outside the country to relax and take a break from the rush. You take that break and smoke a cigarette or have a lollipop or whatever is your tattoo break thing. After that you sit back down or you are back in Shanghai and your pain tolerance just has slightly decreased, it’s not that long until your next break. After 4 hours of being tatted everything just hurts and you can decide to stick that out and push through the pain and get everything done, but you really shouldn’t (I did that a lot 6 hours, last time 8). You need breaks, maybe stop, you will eventually come back like a lot of people that get a second or third tattoo or so, similar with Shanghai where you might or might not come back and eventually you will stop before you are covered from head to toe. The length of the time I was 100% content living in China became shorter and shorter and the amount of breaks to keep me sane without high blood pressure needed became more and more and in October last year the decision cooked up to stop and leave and move on and now is the time. I hope this analogy makes sense. Personally I am proud of having cooked that up!

Anyway, I will have to take a break, because packing still has to be done, the bike still needs to be sold, some things have to be wrapped up, errands have to be run, beers to be had with friends that come over from different countries (thank you guys it means A LOT!) for a last beer walk, food has to be eaten, Black Panther to be watched and a whole lot more when I am back in Germany next week and please understand that I will start blogging again once I have place, a job, running internet and settled in a little bit.

I love you all for reading this and stuff from or about me and hope it gives you as much joy as it does to me or even a bit, as I am not sure about your tolerance.