Architects – Doomsday

This hit harder than Floyd Mayweather! Architects: possibly my favourite UK metalcore outfit. At first they almost where completely foreign to me with their Math Metal like sounds on their first album. More and more I grew attached to this sound and now I am loving it. With lyrics that are nihilistic, atheist, strongly political and massively pissed off they are one of the most accessible bands from the genre out there. I know, because my girlfriend likes them. Honestly: Sam Carter is one of the most outstanding screaming voices in hard music and basically paved the way for this sort of scream singing, that others might just know from, ahem, Linkin Park… Don’t be a Naysayer, this dude is up there with the previously mentioned Cattle Decapitation singer in terms of creativity and skill.

It’s also worth nothing that this brilliant video reminds me of the fantastic The Fountain (critics rating it at 5/10 on average – I counter with ‘blegh’ – they know nothing.

Anyway, this music is music that lets energy pulse through my body, clench my fist and holds an ugly old mirror of the world in front of my face and makes me want to change things. It’s incredible. It hits hard and inspires change and spits the truth out. I feel sad for everyone who doesn’t get this kind of raw emotion that transcends in this unique, aggressive and melodic way. Such a unique and complex sound.

The legendary ‘blegh‘ is missing in this song, but not necessary and the spirit of their guitarist Tom (may he rest in peace!) lives on in some lines in the lyrics. Fuck cancer! Pissed off, inspiring a change. This is my Nirvana – give them a shot!

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