Changing jobs recently and generally having a lot of changes, some things become clear.

‘Life is what you make of it.’

I came back from Thailand, the land of smiles, the land where I might or might not belong, but it was rejuvenating. Leaving China for a bit always gives you some kind of perspective and deserved breather from the chaos, the chaos I most of the time deal with, even love, but it’s needed and sometimes the chaos becomes too much.

Never have I been to Taiwan, but that is the next short trip on the list and it excites me. What excites me even more is the new work, a little advertisement ahead:

I work for Baopals, with some really good friends of mine. Baopals is Taobao and Tmall for foreigners (in China for now), it makes your life easier here and you can access the largest online marketplace in the world, with over 800 million products in English. But that is not the point.

You know how people often tell you, that the grass is not greener somewhere else? It’s a lie, the grass can be greener, especially coming from financial service companies and insurance, when you hear that a bit. They are never that cool, let’s say: rarely. If there is a ‘real fun’ work environment in those industries let me know at some point. And I don’t mean, we have a foosball table or ping pong table, that no one plays, because we are too busy working and judge you for it if you dare to play during your 9 to 6…

It’s the best thing if you stand behind something, solidly, 100% and work with friends. It breathes the life back into you. In the last few days, I got more tanned, I socialize more, I read more, I have more activities and am undoubtedly healthier than before.

Not bashing the place you work at, but there are callings out there that want you to listen and hear them. I caught up with old friends and joined a company that made my life here better, that makes the life of other foreigners in China easier and it feels like being reborn, like waking up from a state of walking through fog and that fog has lifted. Everything is HD.

Haha, that sounds so preaching, but that is not my intention. Check Baopals out if you live in China!

But what I want to say is listen to your heart and your stomach (don’t know if that is a German thing only) but come one, it’s your second brain and it gives you helpful signals.

Let me conclude this with something I feel strongly about and listen to this guy, who is one of my idols since Bullshit! – that show really changed me and made me question things and so should you, question this article if you want, but listen to your heart, stomach and your brain and love, we all need it.

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