On the 14th of May 2011 I have posted this piece on Facebook:

A weird dream

Had a weird dream tonight. Went into a hotel foyer as waves crashed in and filled the rooms with water, then people tried to flee and the water was rising fast to the level of everyones hips. I was running out of the hotel and found myself caught on a street between to blue shining skyscrapers and the sun was shining, I saw the waves of water pressing against the glass windows of the building I came from. The windows bursted and a gigantic wave caught me and threw me against the other building, the wave reflected back and I could hardly get away. Between the waves I found the time to jump into a trapdoor the lead me to a subway station. – Weird and somehow one of the best dreams I ever had.

I want to have a section here or regular and reoccurring posts that are throwbacks to my old blog or the past. That can be great fun. BurnToBeAlive.de was good too, but all in German. If I can finally manage to install my old blog locally then I might translate and recycle the best material that was there and breathe new life into the old version of this blog.

Regarding the dream: Today I can tell that I was probably experimenting with meditation as well as lucid dreaming (WikiHow is awesome btw.) and I was watching Donnie Darko and there is a scene where Donnie finds himself in a similar landscape and that was inspired by a painting, nah, I stand corrected, I just read that in a weird forum post that I found at that time after trying to make sense of my dream. I like dreams and I like looking at my hands and also try lucid dreaming and/or meditation – there is a lot of fun to have.

So yeah, I am saving a longer post for the weekend because I want to visit dreamland now and not half ass a post…

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